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Parish News

New: List of roadworks in the Parish. We will update this as Herts CC make their announcements.

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Church Lane, Sarratt

Quickmoor Lane, Sarratt

Be Safe, Be Seen!

  • Rural Road Safety Campaign highlights benefits of wearing hi-vis clothing.
  • Runners, riders and cyclists urged to put safety ahead of style.
  • Country Lanes high-lighted as a danger area.

As part of their new Rural Road Safety Campaign, police officers in Herts are appealing to those who walk, run or ride on the roads, to always wear high visibility clothing.

“Hi-vis clothes, such as fluorescent or reflective items, should always be worn if you run, ride or walk on the roads, but at this time of year they are essential,” said Chief Inspector Jon Roche. “As the winter days get shorter and generally gloomier, it is harder for motorists to see pedestrians, cyclists or riders, particularly on narrow lanes where a person can just blend in with the hedging if they are wearing dark clothes. Quite often they are almost invisible until you get right up behind them."

“By wearing high visibility clothing you are giving motorists more chance to react, slow down and pass you safely. If you are not keen to wear hi-vis colours, then at least wear a hi-vis backpack or have something fluorescent or reflective on your person that will help you to be seen. Horse riders should ideally wear hi-vis clothing and have some hi-vis accessory on their horse, in case the two become separated.

“It is easy to think that just because YOU have good visibility at the time, that the same will be true for car drivers, but the clarity from inside a car is very different. Please put safety over style when you head out on the roads.”

© 2021 Hertfordshire Constabulary


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Housing Needs Survey

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In future, please address your email correspondence to clerk@sarrattparishcouncil.gov.uk.

This changeover is part of our continuing approach towards monitoring and maintaining online security.

We will continue to monitor the existing email address sarratt_parish@btconnect.com
for a short time to minimise disruption during the changeover.

Sarratt Parish Council

Vacancy for the position of Councillor

Sarratt Parish Council has two vacancies for the position of Councillor.

Sarratt Parish Council is made up of nine Councillors, all of whom are volunteers, and supported by a Parish Clerk.

We are a non-political Council and work together to best serve the interests of the Parish and its residents. Council meetings are held once a month on the evening of the second Tuesday in the month. Councillors are required to attend the monthly meetings and work on other ad hoc duties between meetings as required, but generally the time commitment is not significant.

Our remit covers:

  • The maintenance of the Parish commons, woodlands, footpaths and bridleways
  • Planning matters affecting the Parish
  • Management of the Parish Council budget and its policies
  • Working with Herts County Council on highway issues
  • A wide variety of other matters that come from being an integral part of the local community.

We are looking for anyone keen to support the many things our community loves about Sarratt, as well as supporting the future development of the Parish in a way which protects what residents and visitors to the area treasure, whilst enabling it to continue to grow and thrive. At the current time we are particularly keen to hear from anyone who would enjoy supporting the Council on matters associated with managing our Environment agenda.

Applicants do not need any particular skills or prior experience of working on or with a local Council. However, a willingness to support the local community is required and short introductory courses on the role of a Councillor are available to new Councillors.

If you are interested in supporting your community in this way and wish to be considered for the position of Councillor, please contact the Parish Office for an Application Form using the details below.

Email clerk@sarrattparishcouncil.gov.uk


Call (01923) 262025


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KGV Alive Proposal: Update

Having met Freestyle to discuss concerns that have been raised, the project team are unable to reach a majority decision on whether to proceed with the proposal in its current form.
A report regarding the process will be prepared and shared with the three project sponsors (KGV, SCCF and SPC) for them to decide the next steps.

TRDC's Draft New Local Plan Reg 18 Sarratt Parish Council’s Response

Sarratt Parish Council (SPC) has reviewed the draft new Local Plan, issued for consultation on 11 June by Three Rivers District Council (TRDC)

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Other news items will feature here from time to time

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