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Planning Documents

Planning Enforcements
20 August 2021
16/0178/COMP: The Old Boot Public House - Unauthorised Works: Extension of car park into adjacent field (David Heighton)
Planning permission granted, works currently underway and substantially completed. Site visit required before closing case.
17/0151/COMP: Land To The Rear Of Green End Business Centre -  Material change of use of field to car park (Matthew Roberts)
Following a site visit in June the land was still being used for parking, although the hard core and bund had been removed as per the enforcement notice requirements. I have been assured that the land has now ceased to be used for parking and the enforcement notice complied with. I am currently liaising with the business park to see whether better on-site management of parking can take place. Case to be closed once a receive photographic evidence of the land.
18/0097/COMP: Three Ways, Poles Hill – Material change of use from single dwellinghouse to two dwellings (converted garage) (Scott Volker)
Planning Contravention Notice issued. 19/2294/CLED then refused. Further PCN to be issued to clarify use as it’s not clear if used as two separate dwellings.
18/0178/COMP: Coltspring Riding Stables, Sarratt Road - Material Change of Use: Conversion of stable block into residential dwelling (David Heighton)
Monitoring, previous 18/2531/CLED considered that dwelling was ancillary to the wider use of the site and therefore was not a material change of use.
19/0118/COMP: Blacketts Nursery, Rousebarn Lane - Unauthorised Material Change Of Use - business in operation (David Heighton)
Further site visit required.
19/0177/COMP: Silverfields, Bucks Hill - Replacement outbuilding (not for a purpose incidental to the enjoyment of the dwelling) and alterations to garage (Aaron Roberts)
Assessment being undertaken, unclear if works require planning permission.
19/0208/COMP: Newton Cottage, Poles Hill - Construction of front boundary walls and alterations to ground levels to frontage including the extension of the driveway (Aaron Roberts)
Works to be removed following on-going discussions with owner. Deadline provided.
20/0171/COMP: Fir Trees, Dawes Lane, Sarratt - New access and erection of gates (David Heighton)
The LPA consider that the soil embankment and hedgerow are reinstated and the gates and fencing removed as the works required planning permission. Officer drafting enforcement notice.
20/0005/COMP: Ainsworth Cattery, Bucks Hill - Installation of gates, fencing and hardstanding (David Heighton)
Assessment on-going.
20/0077/COMP: Grove Lodge, Fir Tree Hill - Unauthorised works in the Green Belt (David Heighton)
Fencing requires planning permission as over 1m in height adjacent to road. Owner to be made aware.
20/0219/COMP: Poachers Retreat, Penmans Green, Sarratt - Works not in accordance with 18/1408/PDA - Alleged demolition of building (David Heighton)
Works considered in accordance with PDA. Case to be closed.
20/0224/COMP: Moonpenny Farm, Bucks Hill, Kings Langley - Change of use from agriculture to equestrian and associated works (Matthew Roberts)
Site visit undertaken, a few field shelters have been erected which are movable and not significant enough to constitute development and thus do not require planning permission. As it stands, the use still appears to be agricultural as animals grazing on the land however further visits to take place. Site visit took place in June following complaints regarding access road; however, the deviated works were simply backfilling a service trench. Use of land still as agriculture.
21/0015/COMP: Dellfield Farm, Plough Lane - Creation of new access (Aaron Roberts)
Site visit required.
21/0003/COMP: Cart and Horses Public House, Commonwood, Sarratt - Material change of use: Public house to a mixed use: public house and shop (Matthew Roberts)
Letter send, planning application currently being prepared.
21/0021/COMP: Hill Top, Penmans Hill, Chipperfield - Unauthorised windows and doors in existing openings (David Heighton)
Site visit required.
21/0025/COMP: 38 Dawes Lane, Sarratt - Works not in accordance with 20/2628/PDE or 20/1387/CLPD and alterations to porch (David Heighton)
Planning application submitted and granted under 21/0973/FUL. Raised terrace to be removed.
21/0047/COMP: New Model Farm, Sarratt Road, Croxley Green, Rickmansworth - Barn conversion to offices (David Heighton)
Owner advised that works relate to a historic permission which had lawfully commenced (8/423/91) which was allowed at appeal. The owner also confirmed that the use of land for aviation is carried out in accordance with the Air Navigation Order and for no more than 28 days a year (permitted development). A site visit was arranged but got delayed due to the owner self-isolating, a new visit is likely to take place soon.
21/0102/COMP – Callipers Cottage, Penmans Green, Sarratt - Works not in accordance with 18/2116/FUL - Roof Height (Scott Volker)
Planning permission required for works as they have beyond the scope of the planning permission.
New Cases:
21/0143/COMP – Winchwood, Windmill Hill, Chipperfield - Material change of use: Extension of residential curtilage (David Heighton)
Site visit required.
21/0144/COMP – Woodlea House, Windmill Hill, Chipperfield - Material change of use: Extension of residential curtilage (David Heighton)
Site visit required.
21/0145/COMP – Land adjoining Blenheim Cottage, Bucks Hill, Sarratt - Unauthorised works: Removal of hedgerow / widening of access and unauthorised use of land for event/caravan site
The land owner has been sent various letters regarding the enlargement of the access and use of land as a caravan site as part of a recent religious event. Owner required to return the access back to its former condition/apply for planning permission by 23 August. In terms of the use of the land as a caravan site, the owner has been warned against using the land as a caravan site in the future. The use of the land even for a temporary period required planning permission as caravan sites do not benefit from permitted development rights on that scale. The Council are currently looking at whether they can obtain an injunction against future unauthorised uses. Please see the attached email regarding why action was not taken.

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