This page gives details of the latest planned roadworks, where to find more information and how to report potholes or other obstructions, such as flytipping

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Highways Report (as at 30 Mar)

For this report, I will include details of:

1. Current planned road closures.
2. Road safety and improvement plans - including cycleway planning.
3. Road fault reporting.

Please note that we can expect significant disruption with multiple road
closures in our area over the next 4 weeks or so: please do check in
advance and allow extra time for journeys.

1. Current Planned Road Closures

This report is based on Hertfordshire County Council's advisory, which can
be accessed here: https://one.network/custom/hertfordshire/. Herts CC
advise that because of Covid 19 restrictions, these
notifications are subject to change at short notice. Please check with
Herts CC for details.

Within our area, planned road repairs, up until 30 Apr are notified as

a. 1-7 Apr. Church Lane/Sarratt Green. Delays likely. Affinity Water.

b. 12-16 Apr. Bucks Hill. Road Closure, Affinity Water.

c. 8-12 Apr. Oldhouse Lane. BT Openreach. Delays likely.

d. 19-21 Apr. Sarratt Green. Delays likely. Herts CC.

e. 20 - 25 Apr. Sarratt Rd (nr. Solesbridge Lane, motorway bridge). Delays likely. Herts CC

f. 21-23 Apr. Dimmocks Lane. Delays likely. Herts CC.

g. 21-23 Apr Chandlers Lane. Road Closure, delays likely. Herts CC.

h. 21-23 Apr Sarratt Rd (nr. York House School) traffic lights and road works, delays likely. Herts CC

Roadworks are also notified, through April for Chipperfield and for
the M25 in our area.

2. Road Safety and Improvements - Cycleways in SPC. The Council were invited by TRDC to contribute to the development of cycleways within SPC; these would be a combination of improved bridleways and road improvements. These are essential works if we are to change our lives and become less dependent on cars for the future.

The overall aim is that families could go about their normal lives, shopping, travelling to/from school and recreation by bike; we are a long way from that currently.

Planning for this is in its early stages only currently but we have submitted our response and requested that our TRDC councillor keeps an eye on it. I attach an image below, showing how our suggestions might link-up with other planned routes.

Numbered routes are ’strategic' routes; lettered routes are designated ’support/local routes’.

3. Road and Byways Fault Reporting. Residents are encouraged to raise
issues of concern to the Parish Office, however the quickest way to report a fault is online to Herts CC.
The preferred method is
Online and the link is here:


Whether reported faults are dealt with quickly is very complicated but what is clear is that, if
we do not report faults, then they will never be rectified. Can all
residents therefore please report road and byway faults, whenever,
and wherever, they occur; I have been assured that cumulative reporting is
noted and effective so please, don't give up.
They will acknowledge receipt and the more people who report it, the
greater the sense they have of the potential impact. It genuinely only
takes a maximum of 4-5 minutes and, if you have photos, that also helps.

However, for those not online, the Herts CC phone number is: 0300 123 4047
or please drop a note at the Parish Office.

Thank you .

Simon Diggins OBE
Councillor, Sarratt Parish Council


Proposed Cycle Network
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