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About the Council

Sarratt Parish includes the village of Sarratt and the neighbouring hamlets of Sarratt Bottom, Belsize, Buck’s Hill, Chandler’s Cross and Micklefield Green. The Parish Council is one of seven local Councils within the Three Rivers District, is subdivided into two wards and comprises of nine volunteer Councillors, a Parish Clerk and Parish Warden. Two of the Councillors hold the positions of Chair and Vice Chair for a 2-year term.

Sarratt Parish Council has a long-established tradition of opting to be independent of political party affiliation. This allows its Councillors to focus on making the best decisions for its residents and the businesses of the Parish for the areas of local government which it is responsible for. These are as follows, with each area led by one of the Councillors, with support from other Councillors:

Policy & Resources – This covers the setting and management of the annual budget for the Council (known as the Precept). It includes the annual awarding of grants to local clubs, societies and projects in the Parish, and all matters relating to the proper management, accounting and auditing of the Council’s finances. Sarratt Parish Council is governed by its Standing Orders and has a large portfolio of policies relating to various aspects of its responsibilities and operations which can be viewed on the Documents page of this site.

Environment – Sarratt Parish makes up 25% of the land mass of the Three Rivers District but has only 2% of the District population. It is entirely Green Belt and includes sections of the Area of Natural Beauty (AONB) that borders the River Chess valley. It also includes two Conservation Areas – Sarratt Green and the area around Holy Cross Church and has some 27 miles of public footpaths and bridleways. The Parish Council is the landowner of numerous woodlands, trees, greens, plus five registered and protected areas of commonland, and supports the KGV recreation ground and children’s play area. The budget to maintain these areas is the largest level of expenditure after staffing and administration costs. Within the Environment agenda, we also include Sustainability, covering new tree planting, sustainable transport options, recycling and opportunities to improve energy efficiency. Sarratt Parish Council also owns 35 allotments located in Sarratt Village which are rented to Parishioners. The Parish Council has a volunteer Footpath Warden (position currently vacant) and acts as the local Agent for the Hertfordshire County Council Rights of Way Unit by undertaking annual maintenance to remove any overgrowing vegetation on footpaths and holding stocks of their posts and gates in order to promptly repair for safety reasons any locations where paths meet the highway.

Planning – Sarratt Parish Council is a statutory consultee for any full planning applications in the Parish submitted to Three Rivers District Council, which means we are invited to provide constructive responses as an input to the planning process. Sarratt Parish Council does not have any planning powers. We review and comment on planning applications at the monthly Parish Council meetings using a checklist-based approach to provide consistency to the response recommended by the Parish Council to the Three Rivers Planning Officers. Sarratt Parish Council is also the sponsor of the Parish Neighbourhood Plan, which is being delivered by an independent working group representing both residents and local businesses Click to visit the Neighbourhood Plan website.

Highways – Maintenance of roads in the Parish is the responsibility of Hertfordshire County Council Highways department. Sarratt Parish Council therefore works closely with the Highways department alerting them to a variety of highway issues raised by its residents, including flooding, potholes and speeding hot spots. More recently we have expanded our remit in this area to include safe cycleways.

The Parish Council meets on the second Tuesday of every month in the Back Room of Sarratt Village Hall at 7:30pm. Members of the public and the Press are welcome to attend these meetings. An Annual Parish Meeting to review the Council’s performance during the previous financial year (April to March) is held in the third week of April.

More details on Sarratt Parish Council, its Councillors, Parish news, minutes of Council meetings, its Policies and other documents are available on this website

To contact the Parish Council please phone the Clerk at the Parish Office on 01923 262025, or send an email, or alternatively visit the Parish Office which is adjacent to Sarratt Village Hall, accessed via the Hall car park. The opening hours are 9am – 2pm Monday to Thursday.

    The Council

    Meet The Council

    Sarah Dobson, Chair

    Sarah moved to Sarratt in 2001 having grown up in Ruislip. She has been a member of the Parish Council since 2016, taking on the role of Vice Chair in 2018, and became Chair in May 2019.
    Sarah is married to John Gill, who is Treasurer of the Sarratt Horticultural Society. They have two sons, Oliver and Samuel, who both attend St Clement Danes School, plus two labradors. Sarah has worked at BP since 1987, and in 2010 moved from working full time to part time. When not working, Sarah runs the Sarratt Cub Pack and is an assistant leader with Sarratt Explorer Scouts. Sarah is also a member of the Sarratt Youth Group steering team. She has previously been involved in other initiatives in the Village including development of the 2012 Parish Plan, the Sarratt Village Day and served on the KGV Committee for 3 years.
    As SPC Chair, Sarah’s goal is for the Parish Council to continue preserving the things so many members of the community love about Sarratt, as well as supporting the future development of the Parish in a way which protects what residents and visitors to the area treasure, whilst enabling it to continue to grow and thrive.

    John Rugg, Vice Chair

    We have lived in the parish of Sarratt for over 20 years and I have held various roles as a Parish Councillor both in Sarratt and previously in Cheshire.
    Having recently relinquished my role as a Trustee of an International Conservation Charity I continue to maintain a keen interest in the protection of the environment on land and sea.
    Prior to retirement I had a long career in British industry, most of it spent with ICI Plc, gaining business experience in sales, marketing, export logistics, trading, and process management. After retiring from I sat on the Board of two Not For Profit organisations and was a committee member of the British Horse Society and a local Sailing Association. I retain an interest in and enjoy being further educated on the history, architecture and art of the UK and Europe.

    Lee Farman, Planning Lead

    Lee has lived in S.W. Herts all his life and moved to Sarratt with his family in 2010 when he had the rare opportunity to build an eco house.  He recently retired from a career as an IT director and now spends time as a youth drama leader and arts venue management.  He is the Chair of the Pump House Theatre and Arts Trust in Watford and founder of the Watford Fringe.
    Lee is a passionate environmentalist focusing on practical solutions to reduce our impact and to live sustainably. He enjoys living in Sarratt as a place that takes good care of its environment and has a strong, proud community. As a councillor he hopes to be able to provide some useful support to help Sarratt continue to be a great place for all its community.

    Flo Garvey, Lead for Sustainability

    I am delighted to be your parish councillor for sustainability.  Ecology, sustainable living, and particularly soil science are my passions, and I have a first class BSc in Environmental studies. My family and I have lived in Sarratt for 12 years, during which time I feel I have walked every footpath and treasured every tree!  I lead the Sarratt Community Garden, (which started life in October 2019 and fills my time and thoughts), keep a few colonies of bees, and tutor GCSE students in Maths, Chemistry, and Biology. I feel that Sarratt is a fabulous community that has enough energy and determination to preserve and improve the glorious environment that we are lucky enough to live in, and as councillor, I would like to be a part of that process.

    Iain Christie

    Iain moved to Sarratt from London in 2021 and is keen to contribute to the preservation and development of this beautiful parish for the benefit of its residents and visitors.  
    A barrister by background, Iain now practises as a mediator, coach, facilitator and legal consultant. He has just finished a 2 year assignment as the Lord Chancellor’s Policy Fellow at the Ministry of Justice and holds regulatory and quasi-judicial roles on the Bar Standards Board and the Parole Board. He has also trained as a professional actor.
    Iain’s partner Lisa is from Ukraine where her parents still live and they are grateful for the support of the local community at this time. Iain has two grown up daughters and he and Lisa are expecting a baby in the summer of 2022.

    Michael Lowry, Policy and Resources

    Michael has now lived in Sarratt for two years recently moving from nearby Croxley Green where he lived with his wife and teenage son for over twenty years.  
    A qualified accountant, he has spent most of his career in the large accountancy practices providing client advisory services to both private and public sector organisations. Most notably, his public sector experience includes projects within the former Department of Social Services, Ministry of Defence and the Department of Education. More recently, he has been providing consultancy and project management advice to a newly formed organisation formed from two large local government authorities providing pension administration services to other local authorities.
    Michael is currently working remotely from home for a Glasgow based charity and consequently his commute has changed to the daily school run between Sarratt and Rickmansworth. This Scottish charity is supporting and enabling the Government’s ‘Kickstart’ scheme in providing work opportunities for young people both in Scotland and the Northeast of England within the current climate.

    John Gell, Highways

    I joined the Parish Council in 1987 and served as Chairman four times and was Lead Member for Highways from 1992-2019 and now Deputy Leader. I represent the Council on the London Green Belt Committee, the Village Hall Committee and the local Residents Association.

    I was a Three Rivers District Councillor for Croxley Green and Sarratt at various times between 1982 and 1998.

    I was appointed as a Governor of two schools in Croxley Green in 1975 serving as Chairman for 15 years and subsequently a Herts County Council Schools Appeals Panellist.

    I owned and operated a Stock farm near Harefield from 1965 to 1995.

    I am married to Barbara and we have four daughters and twelve grandchildren.

    Contacting Us
    Contact the Clerk:
    or telephone (01923) 262025

    All email correspondence should be addressed to

    Visit the Parish Office:

    (Located behind the Village Hall)

    09:00 - 14:00

    Monday - Thursday

    Any temporary alterations of these opening times will appear below
    Where to Find Us

    SPC Meetings take place in the back room of the village hall on the second Tuesday of the month, starting at 7:30. Meetings are open to the public and the Press.

    Here, you can read the formal Agenda of the next meeting, the formally-approved Minutes of the previous meeting and a SPC's most recent summary report, as published in Spotlight

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    Sarratt Parish Council Meetings2022/23 Schedule

      Agenda (Next Meeting)
      Agenda of the Next Meeting


      Cllrs:  Sarah Dobson, Michael Lowry, Angela Coakley, Simon Diggins, Flo Garvey, Lee Farman.

      Copy to:   District Councillors Reed, and Hearn

                              County Cllr Williams

      Note:  Public and Press are welcome.  Parishioners and other interested individuals are invited to attend and take part in the proceedings. 

      Dear Councillors,

      You are hereby summoned to attend the ANNUAL PARISH COUNCIL MEETING held on Tuesday 9TH MAY 2023 in the Small Hall at 19:30 pm.



              To elect the Chair of the Council for the Year 2023/24.  

              For the Chair to sign the declaration of office.


          To elect a Vice Chair of the Council for the Year 2023/24


          To receive and accept apologies for absence, and any announcements.









          To consider the Parish Councils representation on the following bodies:-

          KGV MANAGEMENT TRUSTEES (2 representatives)













      23/121        MINUTES

              To confirm and sign the Minutes of the Council Meeting held on the April

              11th 2023 

      23/122        PUBLIC QUESTION TIME




      23/125        LEAD COUNCILLORS REPORT


              To discuss and agree comments on the planning applications

      23/127        TO NOTE PLANNING DECISIONS


      23/128        LEAD COUNCILLORS REPORT


      23/129        LEAD COUNCILLORS REPORT


      23/130        LEAD COUNCILLORS REPORT

      23/131        APPROVAL OF PAYMENTS

              To approve the internet banking transactions of the sum of £6,460.78



      23/133        LEAD COUCILLORS REPORT



      23/134        REPORT FROM CLLR CIARAN REED

      23/135        ANY OTHER BUSINESS

      23/136        DATE OF NEXT PARISH COUNCIL MEETING: Tuesday 13 

          June at 7:30pm in the Rear Room of Sarratt Village Hall.

      Minutes(Last Meeting)
      Most Recent formally-approved Minutes


      Councillors: Flo Garvey
      John Gell
      Michael Lowry
      John Rugg
      Angela Coakley
      Sarah Dobson

      In attendance: 4 members of the public
      Lena Mortimer, Clerk to the Council

      Cllrs Diggins and Farman gave their apologies in advance for their absence. District Councillor Reed also gave his apologies.

      Thanks were given to Cllr John Gell and Cllr John Rugg, who are both retiring ahead of the upcoming Parish Council elections after many years of service to SPC.

      In recognition of Cllr Gell’s 36 years of public service to the Parish as a member of SPC, and as a former Chair on 2 separate occasions it was resolved Cllr Gell be awarded Freedom of the Parish.
      Proposed: Cllr Garvey; Seconded: Cllr Coakley.

      Cllr Rugg has offered to continue with KGV as an independent Trustee and is willing to assist an SPC sub-committee to complete the work being undertaken on the new Land Management Plan for the Parish, subject to the Council’s approval. See agenda item 23/90.

      There were no declarations of interest.

      There were no public questions.

      The minutes of the SPC meeting held on 14 March 2023, were approved as a true and accurate reflection of the meeting and signed by the Chair.
      Proposed: Cllr Garvey; Seconded: Cllr Rugg

      Matters arising, not already covered on the Agenda were:
      • The Clerk to write to District Cllr Phillip Hearn thanking him for his support in relation to the TRDC new draft Local Plan, which has seen no sites included for Sarratt Parish.
      • As the May Fair is unable to visit Sarratt on the first weekend in May as usual, due to the Coronation Event, they have asked to arrive on Monday 3 July and leave on Monday 10 July with the Fair operational for the Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Council queried why they needed to arrive so early and the Clerk will write back to the organisers, suggesting a pull-on to the Green of no earlier than 4pm on Tuesday 4 July, which still allows 2 clear days for set up. Cllr Garvey will work with Andrew Whitewood to develop a plan for ‘No Mow May’ to take account of the Coronation Event and the May Fair.


      Cllr Rugg met District Cllr Reed on 7 April at KGV, to share the plans to upgrade the 1970’s pavilion by reconfiguring the internal layout to provide additional and separate changing, and WC facilities, for the women and girls, who now regularly play football at Sarratt. And in addition to provide better access for the disabled with appropriate WC facilities. A planning application will be required for the proposed changes and the Management Trustees have appointed a Planning Consultant to undertake the required work and submit the application.
      Cllr Reed was then shown the location of the proposed changes for the new multi-age playground and commented that TRDC will hopefully look favorably on the playground application for funding from TRDC CIL monies. However due to the period of purdah during the upcoming local elections SPC is unlikely to hear whether its application has been successful until July.
      A second application for District CIL funding to cover the alterations and upgrade of the KGV pavilion will be submitted once costs for the planned changes have been received.
      Cllr Reed explained the District Council is to consider the introduction of a revised process for assessing the eligibility of future CIL applications. As and when adopted there will be a six-week window each year, probably in June/July, for new applications.

      Cllr Gell attended the Village Hall Committee meeting and reported the hall’s funds are currently healthy, due to some successful recent events. A clarification meeting is to be held between the hall and the TRDC as the Local Planning Authority soon, regarding the proposed extension and redesign of the front of the hall.
      The issue of internet usage by stall holders at the various fairs held at the hall was discussed and whether SPC had any objection. The Council confirmed it’s happy for card terminals to be used in the hall via the shared WiFi network.
      The Clerk confirmed a fob for the SPC alarm has now been made available to the Village Hall Bookings Secretary to turn off the alarm if it’s inadvertently set off by users of the hall.

      The Coronation Committee led by Carol Chorley and Roger Dudley have received the Sarratt coronation celebration mugs, funded by SPC. They have also ordered and received commemorative pens. Carol confirmed the event will be on the Green between 12noon and 5pm on Monday 8 May and that a programme of events and stalls will be in the next edition of Spotlight. There will also be advertising in the Village Shop. An alcohol license has been obtained and the road closure approved.
      Cllr Coakley was asked to source some straw bales to be used as seating around the main arena. There will also be a Volunteers Stall adjacent to the Community Café to encourage local residents to become involved with community projects/organisations and will be manned by Cllr Coakley on behalf of SCCF, supported by the Parish Clerk. This is in the spirit of The Big Help Out which launches nationally on 8 May. Local organisations, clubs and groups seeking volunteers should be asked if they wish to participate and prepare ‘vacancy’ notices for the Volunteering Stall outlining where they need support. Carol will add this request to the Spotlight article. Will Hobhouse is ordering banners and t-shirts for the stall.

      The Clerk updated Council on the matters outlined in the Clerk’s Activity Report, including:
      • Sign of the Times – finger posts – awaiting a visit from the manufacturers to examine the poor workmanship.
      • Matters of fly tipping are being addressed with TRDC.
      • Gate repair kits have arrived and are being fitted.
      • Graeme Knights from the Herts and Middx Badger Group visited the field proposed for development of 78 houses by Burlington Property Group with the Clerk and supplied a report confirming the existence of a large and active badger set.
      • The National Lottery application for funds for the Cricketers Pond has been finalised by former Cllr Peter Thorp and the Clerk and will be submitted this week.
      • Strimming charges have been refunded by Hertfordshire County Council (£2,500).
      • SPC shared the cost of uplifting the disconnected phone box from Bucks Hill to the playground at Sarratt School. This will be used as a teaching aid for History. Andrew Whitewood advised that he has some panes and trim for the box that can be given to the school.
      • The bus returning pupils from Kings Langley school to Sarratt recently damaged the Green adjacent to the Cricketers Pub when access to the dropping off point in the Cricketers lay-by was blocked by cars on the Sarratt School pick up. Barnetts Coaches have agreed to make good the cost of restoring the grass.


      In the absence of Cllr Farman, Cllr Dobson gave the report.
      The badger report from the Herts & Middx Badger Group has been sent to the TRDC Planners responsible for the Burlington planning application/appeal.
      The Sarratt Neighbourhood Plan is being reviewed by TRDC and is expected to go out for District consultation after the local elections in May/June for a six-week period. It will then go to the External Examiner in July/August with the Parish referendum being held in September/October. TRDC have confirmed they will fund the referendum and hope the process will be completed before the end of the year.

      Cllr Dobson shared the planning presentation prepared by Cllr Farman for the meeting. SPC comments are listed below:

      • Prior Approval: Single storey rear extension (depth 8 metres, maximum height 3.70 metres, maximum eaves height 2.90 metres) 
      29 Church Lane Sarratt Rickmansworth Hertfordshire WD3 6HN. Ref. No: 23/0518/PDE 
SPC Comment: No objection

      • Construction of an outbuilding 
2 Park Cottages New Road Sarratt Rickmansworth Hertfordshire WD3 6HD. Ref. No: 23/0496/FUL 
SPC Comment: No objection

      • Retrospective: Demolition of existing single storey rear extension and conservatory, part single/part two storey rear extension, single storey side extension, new roof to existing side extension, front porch and juliet balcony, internal alterations, alterations to fenestration, insulated render cladding and heat pump. 
Hill Brow Bragmans Lane Sarratt Rickmansworth Hertfordshire WD3 4FR. Ref. No: 23/0465/RSP 
      SPC Comment: No objection. We would like to encourage the applicant to use the opportunity of this change to the building to significantly increase the energy efficiency of the construction beyond the requirements set by building regulations.

      • Loft conversion including rear dormer and rear rooflights
Challoners The Green Sarratt Rickmansworth Hertfordshire WD3 6AY. Ref. No: 23/0456/FUL 
      SPC Comment: No objection. We would like to encourage the applicant to use the opportunity of this change to the building to significantly increase the energy efficiency of the construction beyond the requirements set by building regulations.

      Demolition of existing residential annexe and associated stables and equestrian buildings and the erection of a single storey detached dwelling with associated rooflights, parking and landscaping works 
The Lodge Bay Tree Farm Bucks Hill Kings Langley Hertfordshire WD4 9AU  Ref. No: 23/0388/FUL 
SPC Comment: We note a similar application was refused in 2021 and failed appeal. The redesign shown in this application with a reduction in overall built foot print addresses the previous size issues in terms of openness on the Green Belt. We also note that this application for a single storey detached dwelling will replace existing derelict buildings, so improving the overall look of the area. However this application is still converting stable and barn space into new residential space with no special circumstances to justify overriding Green Belt policies to increase built residential space. SPC will therefore be guided by the Planning Officer’s decision on whether to approve the application, and request that if approved, restrictions are added that remove further development rights to the property, and that the applicant use the opportunity of this new build to significantly increase the energy efficiency of the construction beyond the requirements set by building regulations.

      • Infilling of natural depression/re-profiling of field with soil from construction of attenuation pond, construction of a temporary access from north of development site onto Little Green Lane to facilitate access for attenuation pond construction and amendment to the details/design of the attenuation pond.  
Land North Of Little Green Lane Killingdown Farm Little Green Lane Croxley Green Hertfordshire. Ref. No: 23/0319/FUL 
SPC Comment: Objection. Object on the basis of what seems an unjustifiable activity on an open space in Green Belt with no special circumstances to override disturbance to Green Belt. We are also concerned about the impact the proposed works will have on biodiversity of the site and additional potential consequences.

      Demolition of existing dwelling and ancillary buildings and construction of single storey detached dwelling with accommodation in the roofspace served by front, side and rear rooflights with associated parking and landscaping 
Ashwood Bucks Hill Kings Langley Hertfordshire WD4 9AP. Ref. No: 23/0249/FUL 
SPC Comment: Whilst the new single storey detached dwelling looks to be of a similar footprint, the addition of accommodation in the roof space looks to potentially increase floor space by greater than 40%.  SPC notes the likely impact will be minimal and support investment in local property improvement, but equally cannot support increases of >40% in floor space for dwellings in Green Belt without special circumstances and none have been presented. SPC will therefore be guided by the Planning Officer’s decision on whether to approve the application, and request that if approved, restrictions are added that remove further development rights to the property, and that the applicant use the opportunity of this new build to significantly increase the energy efficiency of the construction beyond the requirements set by building regulations.

      Recent TRDC planning decisions.

      • 22/2293/RSP | Part Retrospective: Replacement of existing timber fence with increase in height adjacent to the highway 
      The Old Mill House Grove Mill Lane Grove Mill Hertfordshire WD17 3TU
SPC: No objection
TRDC: Approved

      • Non material amendment to planning permission 22/1043/FUL: Erection of front porch, garage conversion and removal of front bay windows.
Hill Brow Bragmans Lane Sarratt Rickmansworth Hertfordshire WD3 4FR. Ref. No: 23/0404/NMA 
SPC: No objection. We would like to encourage the applicant to use the opportunity of this change to the building to significantly increase the energy efficiency of the construction beyond the requirements set by building regulations.
      TRDC: Withdrawn

      • Variation of Condition 2 (Plan numbers) of planning permission 22/2042/RSP (Substantial demolition of existing dwelling and construction of single storey three bedroom bungalow with access, parking and associated works) to allow alterations to rear roof, front porch canopy, garage door and alterations to fenestration
      Hollymead Bucks Hill Kings Langley Hertfordshire WD4 9AT. Ref. No: 23/0195/FUL  
SPC: No objection
      TRDC: Approved

      • Prior Approval: Single storey rear extension (depth 8 metres, maximum height 4 metres, maximum eaves height 2.40 metres)
Doggetts Penmans Hill Chipperfield Kings Langley Hertfordshire WD4 9DJ. Ref. No: 23/0194/PDE 
      SPC: Noted: We note that this property is listed on the LPA system as a "locally important building" and was described in a recent sales brochure as "a charming period property dating in part from the 17th century and extended in 1920s, 1960s and 1980s to form a lovely family home of great character." Although nothing is noted in the application it would appear, therefore, that it has benefitted from previous grants of permission which may have utilised some of the permitted development rights. The proposed extension is of considerable size and we therefore urge the LPA to consider the history of the property carefully and take into account any previous permissions which have been granted. In any event, we recommend that officers undertake a site visit to ensure the development is in keeping with the character of the historic building and plot
      TRDC: No objection

      • Retrospective: Change of use of land and associated buildings as a commercial wholesaler
Land At Rear Of 47 Church Lane Sarratt Hertfordshire WD3 6HN. Ref. No: 23/0105/RSP 
      SPC: No objection. We note that this land is already being used for commercial wholesale and has been for in excess of 20 years.
      TRDC: Approved

      • Erection of two storey Conference Facility with basement level car parking, external parking and changes to access arrangements and landscaping
The Grove Grove Mill Lane Grove Mill Hertfordshire WD3 4TG. Ref. No: 22/2228/FUL 
      SPC: Noted: Whilst recognising the important role that a large conference centre might play in enhancing the attraction of The Grove as a venue for incoming business and local employment, we note that the site is nevertheless in a Green Belt area where there is a presumption against development. We urge the LPA to ensure that the case for exceptional circumstances has been made for such a significant construction in modern materials out of keeping with surrounding buildings. We are also concerned about disruption to the football field which is currently available to hire as a much-needed outdoor amenity.
      TRDC: Withdrawn

      23/62 APPEALS
      There are no further appeals or any update on existing appeals at this time.

      23/88 ENFORCEMENTS
      The current list of TRDC Enforcement cases was circulated to Council in advance of the meeting and is available on the SPC website to view. It was agreed the Clerk would ask the TRDC Lead Enforcement Officer to remove the older reports and decisions where cases had been closed from future updates prior to circulating to Council.



      The HCC Countryside Management Team have confirmed that the procedure for the Woodland Management Grant remains as previously in that they, having applied for the grant on behalf of SPC, will be notified of the grant offer and SPC will then have to sign and return the acceptance letter that will specify when the grant becomes available.
      Two outstanding issues remain, and we await a reply from the HCC CM Team on:
      Are they able to assist with appointing contractors for the woodlands work and could their officers undertake the Sarratt PC Woodlands Risk Assessments Due in 2023 and if so at what cost.

      The Green
      In accordance with the SPC Policy there is a need to undertake the following inspection and report back to Council “The Parish Council will inspect the whole of the Green on an annual basis (April) to determine its condition and any works that may need to be carried out”. Cllr Rugg and Cllr Garvey will undertake a check of the Green, to determine its state and note any issues.
      The Clerk has already highlighted and dealt with several recent incidents for grassed areas that have been damaged by unauthorised vehicles, in addition to the nuisance and damage caused by the parking of vehicles on the grass verge between Dawes Lane and Alexandra Drive.

      Cricketers Pond
      The Clerk is in the process of submitting a lottery application for a grant to undertake the regeneration and renewal of the water filtration reed bad system. Further likely grants are potentially available, but applications are required in Q2 (Cllr Garvey and Diggins have this in hand). Discussions are taking place with the school regarding a potential for the children to extend their existing studies, interest and learning from their wildlife garden into aquatic plants and creatures by exploring the improved pond habitat and using the proposed pond dipping platform.

      Whitewoods have fitted some of the replacement latches to the kissing gates that had been obtained by the Clerk (who persevered for some considerable time to obtain the replacement items supplied under guarantee).

      King George V Playing Fields
      The Clerk arranged for the final repair to the Puzzlewood play equipment to be completed. The repair of the security lights in the car park has been completed.

      It was proposed and agreed to form a sub-committee to complete the new Land Management Plan with much of it already in place in draft format. The sub-committee will be chaired by Cllr Garvey, the Clerk will attend, and volunteers are to be co-opted including former Cllr Rugg and ideally a member of the Wildlife Volunteers.
      Proposed: Cllr Garvey; Seconded: Cllr Coakley.
      Cllr Gell will approach a resident of Commonwood involved with the Wildlife Volunteers as a potential sub-committee member.

      The Clerk has received several emails of complaint about cars parked on verges in the Village. Some photos were appended. This mistreatment of The Green and adjacent roadside Verges was discussed.
      Concerns were expressed regarding damage caused by cars parking on the grass verges close to Alexandra Road. It was decided that as a first step, a letter will be placed under the windscreen wiper of any vehicles persistently parking on these verges, requesting them to cease parking on the grass. Cllr Dobson to send the Clerk a copy of a similar letter request that has been used in the past.
      The Clerk will contact the Headmistress at Sarratt School and ask her to circulate a message to parents to stop parking on the access road to the Cricketer’s Pub. As vehicles parked there prevent the Kings Langley School bus accessing this long-established collection and drop-off point for pupils. Furthermore, cars parking with two wheels on the grass are causing damage to the Green. If the poor parking then continues it was agreed appropriate flyers will be put on windscreens. The Clerk will also ask the local PCSO to come and observe the parking, and, consider if it is appropriate to issue fixed penalty notices. If yes, then the PCSO will be requested to do this if the message to parents from the School and notices on windscreens fail to resolve the parking issues.

      See update under 23/58 and 23/89 above.


      The Allotmenteers are preparing for Spring and all is in good order. Cllr Dobson asked if letters had been issued to those tenants whose plots were in a bad state. The Clerk advised this had not yet been done but would be actioned. The Clerk will write to the unmaintained allotment plot holders requesting they bring their plots back into order or they will be returned to the Council as per the Allotment terms & conditions.
      As per TRDC’s instruction, three trees have been removed from the corner of Dawes Lane and Downer Drive. They have been moved to Micklefield Green Farm. Native plug plants have been planted in their stead.
      Sustainable Sarratt met again recently and is encouraging blister packs, pens, mechanical pencils, toothpaste tubes and toothbrushes to be recycled in the facility available in Sarratt Village Shop.



      Road Conditions.
      Significant damage has been reported as a result of frost and heavy rains to many local road. When reported to the Council, this has been passed-on to Herts Highways. As always Parishioners, where they are able to, are encouraged to file reports direct on the Herts website:
      If possible, please also upload photos of the issue. If not, please pass a message to the Parish Office. Of particular concern are the deep potholes caused by frost shatter (they are often linked to drains). Please take extra care when driving.

      Road Repairs and Renovations.
      There are a number of ongoing road closures currently. For the most up-to-date information, please see: Of particular note is the continued closure of Church Lane, which is scheduled to continue until 14 April, although there are permissions in place for closures up to 28 April, if necessary.

      Road Safety
      National Road Safety Week 2023 is 16-20 November and Cllr Diggins has registered SPC’s interest. Post-Easter Cllr Diggins will reach out to organisations, individuals and businesses to see how we might support this. Additionally in May TRDC will open their consultation for the updated Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP). Currently, Sarratt Parish is ill-served by this and will be seeking through our local District and County Councillors a significant rethink. Part of this will be the introduction of a speed restriction to 30mph throughout the Parish, less designated areas where 20mph will be sought, and one small stretch where 40mph will be permitted.


      Cllr Lowry noted that due to a confluence of funds from Herts County Council, and Allotment fees invoiced early and paid on time, SPC has reduced approximately £3000 from the overspend, taking it to £13,000 for the 22/23 financial year, funded from reserves.
      Cllr Rugg alerted Council to the fact that the £4K invoice from HCC for compiling and submitting the 10 Year Woodland management Plan is yet to be received and that a £1K plan compilation rebate should be available and be claimed from the Rural Payments Agency.
      SPC will be internally audited on 24th May, this will then be followed by the External Audit.

      23/96 APPROVAL OF BANK TRANSACTIONS FOR MARCH 2023 expenditure £4512.65 – receipts £3160.00 net cash movements £1352.65
      It was resolved to approve the transactions.
      Proposed: Cllr Rugg; Seconded: Cllr Coakley

      The Annual Parish Meeting will be held on Tuesday 25 April at 7:30pm. The Annual Report, providing a summary of Council’s activities for the 22/23 year needs to be compiled for the meeting. Cllr Dobson asked that Lead Councillor reports be submitted to her by Tuesday 18 April and will circulate a copy of the previous year report to act as a template.
      The Clerk will post an advertisement / invite to the Annual Parish Meeting on the SPC Noticeboard and website. The Clerk to specifically invite the recipients of a 23/24 grant to the meeting. As grants are now paid by bank transfer, certificates will be produced by the Clerk for each of the recipients to be presented at the meeting.
      It was agreed unanimously to hold the meeting in the back room of the Village Hall as this worked well last year – Clerk to book and to approach Trudi Deane to see if she would like to do the refreshments again. Also, any wine should be purchased on a sale or return basis and the appropriate quantity of cheese and biscuits ordered.

      Cllr Dobson referred to the 8 (updated) policies put forward for review and adoption and circulated prior to the meeting:
      ➢ Health and Safety
      ➢ Allotment Policy
      ➢ Allotment Tenancy Agreement
      ➢ Environment
      ➢ Sarratt Green
      ➢ Memorial Benches and Trees
      ➢ Signs and Posters
      ➢ Filming on Parish Lane
      It was agreed the policies met the current requirements of SPC and should be adopted.
      Proposed: Cllr Rugg; Seconded: Cllr Garvey
      Copies will now be forwarded to Mike Edmund to upload onto the SPC website.

      The Sarratt Parish Council Policy on the Protocol for Marking the Death of a Significant Public Figure scheduled for review at this meeting, was not covered as the National Guidance has not been updated since the death of the Queen. It was unanimously agreed that this will be deferred until the updated National Guidance is available.

      The Chair thanked SPC Councillors for submitting their nomination forms. Both Sarratt Wards (Sarratt and Grove) were uncontested resulting in the six candidates being automatically elected and will form the Parish Council as from 4 May 2023. However, this means there will be 3 vacancies for the position of Parish Councillor which SPC would seek to fill using the co-option procedures.
      Only three wards in Three Rivers (within the Parishes of Abbots Langley, Watford Rural and Chorleywood) were contested.

      There was no correspondence.

      Cllr Rugg advised he would, as agreed, be pursuing the Charity Commission on behalf of the KGV Charity for the Commissions guidance and advice on resolving the outstanding issues on a Deed of Variation issued by TRDC.
      It was proposed by Cllr Dobson, and agreed, that for future SPC meetings District Council Reed would be given a regular slot on the Agenda to provide an update on TRDC matters

      To take place at 7:30 pm in the back Hall at Sarratt Village Hall

      To take place at 7:30pm in the back Hall at Sarratt Village Hall

      Meeting finished at 21:30
      Spotlight Report
      SPC Spotlight Report (draft minutes of last meeting)

    Agenda of the Next Meeting

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    Sed hendrerit neque sed neque

    Most Recent Minutes

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    Sed hendrerit neque sed neque

    SPC Spotlight Report

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    Sed hendrerit neque sed neque




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