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We need two Councillors!

    The Council

    Meet The Council

    Sarah Dobson, Chair

    Sarah moved to Sarratt in 2001 having grown up in Ruislip. She has been a member of the Parish Council since 2016, taking on the role of Vice Chair in 2018, and became Chair in May 2019.
    Sarah is married to John Gill, who is Treasurer of the Sarratt Horticultural Society. They have two sons, Oliver and Samuel, who both attend St Clement Danes School, plus two labradors. Sarah has worked at BP since 1987, and in 2010 moved from working full time to part time. When not working, Sarah runs the Sarratt Cub Pack and is an assistant leader with Sarratt Explorer Scouts. Sarah is also a member of the Sarratt Youth Group steering team. She has previously been involved in other initiatives in the Village including development of the 2012 Parish Plan, the Sarratt Village Day and served on the KGV Committee for 3 years.
    As SPC Chair, Sarah’s goal is for the Parish Council to continue preserving the things so many members of the community love about Sarratt, as well as supporting the future development of the Parish in a way which protects what residents and visitors to the area treasure, whilst enabling it to continue to grow and thrive.

    John Rugg, Vice Chair

    We have lived in the parish of Sarratt for over 20 years and I have held various roles as a Parish Councillor both in Sarratt and previously in Cheshire.
    Having recently relinquished my role as a Trustee of an International Conservation Charity I continue to maintain a keen interest in the protection of the environment on land and sea.
    Prior to retirement I had a long career in British industry, most of it spent with ICI Plc, gaining business experience in sales, marketing, export logistics, trading, and process management. After retiring from I sat on the Board of two Not For Profit organisations and was a committee member of the British Horse Society and a local Sailing Association. I retain an interest in and enjoy being further educated on the history, architecture and art of the UK and Europe.

    Lee Farman, Planning Lead

    Lee has lived in S.W. Herts all his life and moved to Sarratt with his family in 2010 when he had the rare opportunity to build an eco house.  He recently retired from a career as an IT director and now spends time as a youth drama leader and arts venue management.  He is the Chair of the Pump House Theatre and Arts Trust in Watford and founder of the Watford Fringe.
    Lee is a passionate environmentalist focusing on practical solutions to reduce our impact and to live sustainably. He enjoys living in Sarratt as a place that takes good care of its environment and has a strong, proud community. As a councillor he hopes to be able to provide some useful support to help Sarratt continue to be a great place for all its community.

    Flo Garvey, Lead for Sustainability

    I am delighted to be your parish councillor for sustainability.  Ecology, sustainable living, and particularly soil science are my passions, and I have a first class BSc in Environmental studies. My family and I have lived in Sarratt for 12 years, during which time I feel I have walked every footpath and treasured every tree!  I lead the Sarratt Community Garden, (which started life in October 2019 and fills my time and thoughts), keep a few colonies of bees, and tutor GCSE students in Maths, Chemistry, and Biology. I feel that Sarratt is a fabulous community that has enough energy and determination to preserve and improve the glorious environment that we are lucky enough to live in, and as councillor, I would like to be a part of that process.

    Michael Lowry, Policy and Resources

    Michael has now lived in Sarratt for two years recently moving from nearby Croxley Green where he lived with his wife and teenage son for over twenty years.  
    A qualified accountant, he has spent most of his career in the large accountancy practices providing client advisory services to both private and public sector organisations. Most notably, his public sector experience includes projects within the former Department of Social Services, Ministry of Defence and the Department of Education. More recently, he has been providing consultancy and project management advice to a newly formed organisation formed from two large local government authorities providing pension administration services to other local authorities.
    Michael is currently working remotely from home for a Glasgow based charity and consequently his commute has changed to the daily school run between Sarratt and Rickmansworth. This Scottish charity is supporting and enabling the Government’s ‘Kickstart’ scheme in providing work opportunities for young people both in Scotland and the Northeast of England within the current climate.

    John Gell, Highways

    I joined the Parish Council in 1987 and served as Chairman four times and was Lead Member for Highways from 1992-2019 and now Deputy Leader. I represent the Council on the London Green Belt Committee, the Village Hall Committee and the local Residents Association.

    I was a Three Rivers District Councillor for Croxley Green and Sarratt at various times between 1982 and 1998.

    I was appointed as a Governor of two schools in Croxley Green in 1975 serving as Chairman for 15 years and subsequently a Herts County Council Schools Appeals Panellist.

    I owned and operated a Stock farm near Harefield from 1965 to 1995.

    I am married to Barbara and we have four daughters and twelve grandchildren.

    Contacting Us
    Contact the Clerk:
    or telephone (01923) 262025


    Please note that all email correspondence should now be addressed to

    The existing email address
    will continue to be monitored until 31 December 2021 to minimise disruption during the changeover

    Visit the Parish Office:

    (Located behind the Village Hall)

    Any temporary alterations of these opening times will appear below
    Where to Find Us

    Sarratt Parish Council Meetings2021/22 Schedule

    Sarratt Parish Council Meetings2021/22 Schedule

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    SPC Meetings take place in the back room of the village hall on the second Tuesday of the month, starting at 7:30. Meetings are open to the public and the Press.

    Here, you can read the formal Agenda of the next meeting, the formally-approved Minutes of the previous meeting and a SPC's most recent summary report, as published in Spotlight

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    20/21 Schedule

      Agenda of the Next Meeting
      Agenda of the Next Meeting


      Parish Office, Village Hall,

      The Green, Sarratt, Rickmansworth     

      Hertfordshire.  WD3 6AS

      Telephone:    01923 262025



      To all Members of the Parish Council

      Cllrs:  Sarah Dobson, John Rugg, John Gell, Simon Diggins, Lee Farman, Flo Garvey, Michael Lowry.                                                                              

      Copy To:  County Councillor Williams

               District Councillor Reed    

                        District Councillor Hayward

      Note:     Public and Press are welcome.

      Parishioners and other interested individuals are invited to attend and take part in the proceedings.

      Dear Councillor,

      You are hereby summoned to attend the meeting of the SARRATT PARISH COUNCIL to be held in the BACK ROOM, SARRATT VILLAGE HALL, THE GREEN, SARRATT, on TUESDAY 9th NOVEMBER 2021 at 7.30pm, when it is proposed to transact the business specified in the following Agenda.



      To receive and approve apologies for absence. 


      To receive any “Declarations of Interest” in items on the agenda


      258/21    MINUTES & MATTERS ARISING 

      To confirm and sign the Minutes of the Council Meeting held on 12th October 2021.



      260/21    CLERK/RFO REPORT 

      261/21    ACTION LOG







      266/21    BUDGET 22/23 UPDATED DRAFT 

      267/21    APPROVAL OF PAYMENTS

            To approve the internet banking transactions to the sum of £7,640.39




      270/21         LEAD COUNCILLORS REPORT



      To discuss and agree comments on the planning applications. 






      276/21    CORRESPONDENCE

      277/21    PUBLIC QUESTION TIME


      To receive questions and comments from Councillors


      The date of the next meeting will be Tuesday 14th December 2021.

      Caroline Owen

      Proper Officer/RFO, Sarratt Parish Council

      Date of Notice: 4th November 2021

      Formal Minutes(most recent)
      Most Recent formally-approved Minutes
      Parish Office, Village Hall,
      The Green, Sarratt, Rickmansworth
      Hertfordshire. WD3 6AS

      Telephone: 01923 262025

      Minutes of the Sarratt Parish Council meeting held in
      Sarratt Village Hall on Tuesday 14th September 2021

      Present: Councillor Dobson
      Councillor John Rugg
      Councillor Peter Thorp
      Councillor John Gell
      Councillor Nick Mortimer
      Councillor Lee Farman
      Councillor Flo Garvey
      Councillor Michael Lowry

      In attendance: District Councillor Ciaran Reed
      11 members of the public

      Start time 7.32pm

      Apologies from Councillor Diggins.
      Due to the lack of space and poor ventilation and the number of members of the public in attendance the Clerk and Chair decided to move the agenda items that members of the public wanted to speak/hear about closer to the beginning of the meeting.

      No declarations of interest.

      To confirm and sign the Minutes of the Council Meeting held on 18th August 2021.
      Councillor Dobson noted there was only one RED flagged allotment in the Clerk report whereas there were 6 reported in the Allotment Inspection. The Clerk will check and amend.
      Cllr Dobson questioned the Enforcement Notice on Fir Trees, Dawes Lane – a new Enforcement Notice appears to have been issued, but it was understood one was already in existence and should have been complied with in November 2020. The Clerk to query with the Enforcement Team at TRDC.
      • Proposed: Cllr Mortimer; Seconded: Cllr Gell.


      • Cllr Gell attended the Chandler Cross Residents Association meeting and informed Council that a notion is being put forward to extend the resident’s association to encompass the whole of Sarratt. The next meeting will be on 13th October and Cllr Gell will report back to Council on this.

      • Cllr Garvey and Cllr Mortimer attended a meeting with Thames Water on the water extraction and pollution of the River Chess. Cllr Garvey will circulate the report to Council.

      • Cllr Mortimer attended the KGV meeting and informed Council that their Grant application is on its way.

      • Cllr Dobson attended a meeting with the KGV Chair and SCCF Trustees and will discuss under Agenda item 228/21.


      • The Sarratt Youth Group is set to start again with first meet scheduled for Sunday 12th September. We have a new lead for the group; Sarah Hickles who previously was a volunteer for the group. I will be doing the Administration for this and will provide updates on the successful uptake. I envisage a slow start until word of mouth and adverting takes hold. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Cllr Thorp for his incredible input and success for setting the Youth Group up and moving this new ‘opening’ forward. I understand that although Cllr Thorp is leaving the Council, he will still be volunteering sporadically for the Youth Group, and we are very grateful for this.
      • Replacement glass has been ordered for the phone box in Bucks Hill.
      • The sign entering Belsize from Chipperfield has unfortunately been broken. I am in communication with the field landowner who has accepted liability and is arranging his insurance company to make contact. In the meantime, I have ordered a replacement, and this should be with us within 4 weeks. Please see images below.
      • Fingerposts are due to be delivered in the next month.
      • The Grant application process is now open with a deadline of 12th October.
      • We have experienced a few IT issues with fraudulent emails being received in quite a sophisticated manner. This has been dealt with accordingly and the office PC is going to be reviewed and security is going to be increased. The SPC email address is also going to be changed (if not done already by the time of the meeting). All details will be circulated. Advice is to remain cautious and vigilant before replying/opening emails.

      As I mentioned earlier, this will be Cllr Thorps last meeting in his Councillor capacity. I would like to thank him for all that he has done for SPC and the invaluable work throughout my sickness absence. I wish him all the best for the future.

      Sarratt Youth Group had 18 young people attend the first meeting which is wonderful news.


      217.REMEMBRANCE GARDEN (220/21)

      Cllr Dobson gave an overview of the objective behind the garden.
      A member of public requested the opportunity to speak for 3 minutes and strongly objected to the commemorative garden and informed Council that village greens are protected when registered with Secretary of State and therefore cannot just be dug up. They also made reference to the SPC policy highlighting it states village greens cannot be changed or altered without permission from the Secretary of State. They also highlighted that if this area of The Green was used then it would need to be replaced by another piece of land of the same size somewhere in Sarratt. The Parishioner stated that a letter she received from Cllr Diggins says that he does not consider the whole Green as a single entity. The Parishioner suggested that if it was to go ahead then a village meeting should take place to discuss and plan together as a village.

      Cllr Rugg confirmed SPC was aware of a need to apply for permission to change the structure of Green as Council records contain a recent email from him suggesting “ As we have reached this stage it might be sensible to ascertain if the Planning Inspectorate in Bristol ( acting for and on behalf of the Secretary of State) will provide an opinion on the proposal and the likelihood of Sarratt obtaining consent for a change of use for a section of the registered common – as we will be required to apply to them (not TRDC)  for permission”
      He also informed the meeting that DEFRA issued a revised policy document on this very topic in 2015 and a copy also available online was now held in the Parish Council records.

      Cllr Thorp reiterated that there was no intention of SPC urbanising the area or ruining an area of land. It was meant as a positive place for reflection.

      It was decided that Cllr Garvey would liaise with the Wildlife Volunteers to create something more natural using wildflowers and then take a view from residents and SPC enable us to all work together.

      Cllr Rugg noted that depending upon the scope and design the planting the planting of wildflowers and a small number of trees and was unlikely to be deemed a change of use requiring approval from the Secretary of State.

      Cllr Garvey will come back at next meeting with an update.

      It was also noted a maintenance budget/ written maintenance agreement for this would be needed, to put peoples’ minds at rest that it will not be neglected in future years.

      218.LEAD COUNCILLORS REPORT (217/21)

      It has been a month of lots of little things
      • KGV meeting – planning application on extended operating hours has now gone in - awaiting update. Nothing else for SPC currently.
      • Complaints re: ivy and nettles around the Parish – Parish Warden tasked to remove
      • Belsize sign broken – scene visited, broken part retrieved and reason for breakage photographed – full admission from landowner, now in hands of insurers, new sign ordered
      • Complaints from residents re Helicopters at Model Farm on Sarratt Road – looking into it to advise them accordingly. It has already been recommended they keep a log of the times and duration on the helicopter activity. It was noted they are only permitted to use the facility for 28 days per annum. It was decided that a formal letter also be sent to the Civil Aviation Authority regarding the helicopter training exercises taking place over the village.
      • The litter picking group went to the Belsize area – 2 bags worth removed. Michael Groom and Sally Furr also picked up substantial amount in Langlebury Lane and Solesbridge Lane – TRDC have removed these.
      • Parking on The Green opposite The Boot – signage put up on one side so on Sunday 12th a white 19 plate Discovery parked on the other side! It was decided that posts will be placed opposite the existing posts to stop vehicles parking on the other side of The Green.
      • Green wheelie bin week 3 – It has become apparent that residents living adjacent to The Green are using the bins for their own personal household waste and garden cuttings – article in Spotlight please. Clerk will look in to grills to be placed over the litter bins to stop large bags of resident’s household rubbish being placed in them.

      Cllr Gell reported that he has received comments that residents do not want the red telephone boxes in Chandlers Cross and Bucks Hill. The Clerk will put it as an agenda item for the next meeting and find out cost of removal.

      219. WOODLAND MANAGEMENT PLAN (218/21)

      Cllr Rugg reported that he has contacted Richard Young for an update on the Woodlands Management Plan. He confirms he is awaiting a response from the Forestry Commission (FC) on the proposals for the 10-year plan that we have jointly submitted but he is fairly confident it should be accepted.
      He reminded Council that we could potentially qualify for a retrospective FC £1,000 grant for producing the plan – but this will likely trigger a bill from Herts CC for Richard’s work that may come to £3K.
      We have £4k in the current Environment budget for Woodland Management Plan work. At the time of compiling the budget we were not sure if the £1K was likely to be available under the revised and emerging ELMS scheme therefore being prudent it was not included as income.
      If and when the 10-year plan is accepted, we should (as in the past) then be eligible for Woodland Management grants at a rate and timescale for work determined by the Forestry Commission. They pay in arrears for work that has been undertaken – it is important that we manage this carefully as we were late with claims and copy invoices in 2015 and lost a series of payments by default.

      220. SUSTAINABITY REPORT (219/21)

      • Queens Green Canopy - talking to one particular landowner about land for this with hopeful possibilities. Looking for more. There has been a request from a resident to have several small trees planted on the patch of grass on the corner of Dawes Lane and Downer Drive – both for beauty and to stop it being used as a car park.
      • Community Garden (behind the Village Shop) – this has generated sales of £921 from the fresh produce since April. This year, all that revenue has gone to the shop, but next year, a sizeable proportion will come back into the garden, which should mean they won’t have to fundraise or ask for grants quite so much. Upcoming event is the Apple Festival being held on 19th September at Ramillies Orchard – open to all.
      • Allotment - it was proposed the license enabling the Community Garden to rent one of the allotments be agreed by the end of September

      Thanks and appreciation were given to Cllr Garvey for all her hard work and moving projects forward so well.


      A member of the public requested 3 minutes to speak.
      The member of the public explained that she is experiencing problems with an adjacent neighbour placing a large fence at 4”6 height alongside the boundary between their properties. It has impacted the sightline from her drive and created a safety issue which means she is unable to exit her drive by car without someone standing in the road to confirm the road is clear. The member of the public would like SPC to support her case. She has already contacted the planning case officer.
      It was decided that SPC would write to both the Planning and Enforcement teams formally and officially. Cllr Farman will follow this up.


      21/1770/LBC Green End Farm, The Green, Sarratt, WD3 6AS.
      Proposal: Repair works including to internal walls and ceilings and the external front elevation.

      21/1983/LBC York House School, Sarratt Road, Croxley Green.
      Proposal: Replacement of windows along southern elevation.

      222. TO NOTE PLANNING DECISIONS (226/21)

      21/1657/FUL Great Sarratt Hall Cottage, The Green, Sarratt, WD3 4DP
      Proposal: Demolition of existing extension and conservatory and construction of single-storey rear extension.
      SPC decision: No objection
      TRDC decision: Approved

      21/1563/FUL Holly Hedges Farm, Olleberie Lane, Belsize WD3 4NU
      Proposal: Single-storey front and side extensions. Still awaiting FULL application decision however it seems they have collated all previous applications and approved them collectively.

      21/1607/FUL Land at rear of The Woodyard, The Green, Sarratt, Wd3 6BH
      Proposal: Demolition of existing buildings, change of use of land to residential, conversion of building to 1-bedroom detached dwelling including extensions and alterations to external material, and associated parking, ancillary works and landscaping enhancement including the formation of a pond.
      SPC decision: Objection
      TRDC decision: Refused

      21/1783/FUL Potten Farm Stables Chandlers Lane –
      Proposal: Demolition of existing stables and change of use of remaining stable buildings on site to studio units (Use Class B1) with associated parking areas
      SPC decision: No objection
      TRDC decision: Approved

      21/1443/FUL - Land Adjacent to 2 Micklefield Green Cottages Sarratt Road Croxley Green WD3 6AH
Proposal: Construction of a 25m x 50m menage with associated change of use to equestrian
      SPC decision: No Objection, but we ask that a check is conducted to ensure no hedgerows have been removed in the preparation or execution of this application.
      TRDC decision: Approved

      223/21 LEAD COUNCILLORS REPORT (224/21)

      Council were informed that former Councillor Soothill will be attending the next meeting to update SPC on Neighbourhood Plan. Cllr Dobson asked the Clerk if she could arrange for copies of the Neighbourhood Plan design codes to be printed for each Councillor for the next meeting.


      224/21 LEAD COUNCILLORS REPORT (221/21)

      The RFO informed Council that the quarterly budget report will be presented at next meeting. Cllr Lowry and the RFO will be starting work on the Budget for 22/23 and information and requests will be sent out to Council regarding this.
      Applications for Grants are now open and the deadline for submissions is 12th October.

      225/21 APPROVAL OF PAYMENTS (222/21)

      To approve internet banking transactions to the sum of £8,694.32
      Approved: Cllr Thorp; Seconded: Cllr Mortimer

      226/21 POLICIES REVIEW (223/21)

      The Councillors were asked to read the policy below in advance of this month’s council meeting, as follows;
      • Allotment Policy
      Approved: Cllr Mortimer ; Seconded: Cllr Garvey


      227/21 LEAD COUNCILLORS REPORT (227/21)

      Cllr Diggins provided this report in his absence and was circulated to Council prior to the meeting.

      Significant repair work to roads in area ongoing, with concomitant road closures: Solesbridge Lane has been shut for considerable periods; other works have been postponed.  The most up-to-date picture is to be found here: . While this is subject to change, the only major disruption in our area, going forward, appears to be in the Belsize Area.


      Three main areas:

      • Following-up on previous actions:
      o Bucks Hill - pleased to see some improvement to road surfaces; 
      o Sarratt Bottom/Dawes Lane/Moor Lane.  Discussions on effectiveness or otherwise of, admittedly limited, traffic calming measures around Sarratt Bottom, Moor and Dawes Lanes.  The residents’ view is that this is insufficient and so wish to move to formal traffic regulatory orders; I have requested this on their behalf but have, to date, not received back a reply.
      • Double Yellow Lines.  It was rumoured that double-yellow lines were proposed for Alexandra Road and Downer Drive; this proved to be false.  The investigation did however establish that, as a Parish Council, we are a statutory consultee, so would always be involved, unless it is a private road, in which case we have no, official, locus.  For future reference, all such changes are listed here: 
      • Road Signage and Speeding at Belsize.  Recently received correspondence from a resident, concerning road safety at the junctions of Bottom Lane, Toms Hill and Bucks Lane.  We have requested that Three Rivers DC restore the fallen road sign and establish a Traffic Regulatory Order so that a 30 mph limit be imposed throughout the area; a response is expected within 10 working days.

      Follow-up Actions

      I have asked for an update on the following:

      • Proposed Strategic Cycleway plan.  We sent this in some months ago now but have had no proper response.  I chased and the reply, from Three Rivers DC is that they are about to go out to ’stakeholder consultation’; I will continue to follow-up. 
      • Horrocks Wood/Redhall Lane Flooding.  I’ve contacted the Woodland Trust and requested that they cut-down over-grown branches and bushes infringing on the road and restore the poorly-maintained drainage ditch that runs alongside the road. Currently, because the wood surface level is higher than the road, water just drains out onto the road.
      • I will also follow-up with Herts CC on other outstanding issues: North Rd/Church Lane; Red Lion Rd; safety outside Sarratt School.


      Peace Garden

      I am extremely disappointed by the number and range of negative comments received, nonetheless I continue to believe it to be a worthwhile project that deserves our full support.  Most of the negativity concerns the Green and it’s apparent eternal character; nothing could be further from the truth.  Within living memory it has been a cattle feeding point en route to market; it is still a mixed use area: green space, nature reserve, fairground, memorial area, play area.  Our plan would take a small part of the Green, cut-off from the rest, and directly adjacent to the school and make something beautiful and worthwhile that will have meaning for generations.

      We should listen to objections but also be robust: we decided on this after fairly robust discussion and with a clear vision as to what it was to achieve, and more importantly, why.  I attach the design brief that I passed to Flo and the Head of Sarratt School.



      A place of beauty, reflection, remembrance and rest for all, where the fruits of peace, often hard-won through struggle and war, can be appreciated.

      (This might become a visualisation of Green Madrigal(1) by Lynette Roberts; see )


      • A Commemorative Garden that remembers not just the dead of the World Wars but more recent conflicts and tragedies, including Covid-19.
      • It celebrates the ‘fruits of peace’ ie that which flows from conflict, once resolved, and, that which is only possible with peace. (This is really important to me, as a former soldier: if war has ANY point it is that it allows for the settlement of conflict and creates opportunities for peace and development.) Physically, the location stands in counter-point to the focus of Remembrance at the top of the Green (which is where the VE/VJ Day trees will go).
      • It should be a ‘sensory’ garden: accessible to all and enjoyable to all; hence the rather pompous title of ‘Physic’ garden, traditionally a place where herbs and other medicinal plants are grown..
      • It should be a ‘natural’ garden, reflecting one of the other great challenges of our time: the conservation and preservation of the natural environment. It overlooks the duck-pond (along with splendid new duckhouse) so there is a sort of perspectives' seque there already. 
      • It should be open and used by all but planned, inspired and (as far as possible) involve our Young People, especially the pupils of Sarratt School, in the layout, planting and looking after.
      • It should be a lasting memorial: easily maintained, scalable (so it can grow - within reason), and so pupils can look back in five, ten, fifteen or longer, years and say, ‘I helped make that’.


      • ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ and, depending on what we decide to do, this may take a couple of years to plan and develop, however, it would be good to ‘cut the first sod’/plant the first bushes this autumn.
      • The initial SPC budget is in the region of £800 but, depending on the vision and where we want to take it, more might be obtained, especially in subsequent years..
      • The Council will deal with planning, consultation and communications’ issues

      Other Ideas

      • Built-in compass rose
      • Permanent labyrinth, recalling the meditative purpose of labyrinths and reflecting the vision of the garden.
      • Orientation upright stones: one perhaps facing towards Jerusalem, important to three Abrahamic faiths (and presumably part of the core values of Sarratt School); one perhaps facing West, in black, recalling the horrors of the Slave Trade.
      • Natural wood benches
      • Use of Fruit trees and edible plants to match the ‘fruits of peace’ idea.


      It’s ambitious but even if we realise part of it, it will be worthwhile. What would be disappointing is if we give in to negative conservatism (not a political statement), that would preserve everything the way it is, imagining (wrongly) that is the way it was.

      Cllr Gell commented on the road work activity next to the Wheatsheaf sign. Cllr Mortimer informed Council that this is just works being carried out and the skip will be removed shortly. Not a highways issue.
      Cllr Gell received some correspondence regarding the speed of vehicles down Bucks Hill and to do with the ‘keep left’ sign that keeps falling down. All the drains are also blocked up in that area. To inform HCC again.

      228/21 KGV ALIVE UPDATE (228/21)

      Cllr Dobson provided the background to the project, and advised Council that the project team had been unable to come to a unanimous decision, so had referred the decision to the ‘corporate sponsors’ – SPC, the KGV Management Committee and the Sarratt & Chipperfield Foundation (SCCF) Trustees. She had met with the Chair of KGV and the SCCF Trustees and agreed there was sufficient support for the project to progress to the next stage. This would include further work on the design to ensure it met the needs of the target audience. It would also include work on the measures necessary to mitigate the concerns raised by some residents. Until this was completed funding could not be applied for from various bodies such as the National Lottery. As such the decision to progress to the next stage did not mean the project would definitely go ahead, rather there was sufficient evidence to justify further work on the idea. Key to moving to the next stage was the appointment of a Project Manager and supporting project team.

      229/21 CORRESPONDENCE (229/21)

      A letter was received from a local resident regarding a potential path going over SPC Common Land. It was decided that a letter be written to the owner requesting that the hardstanding slabs should be removed, as that formalises a path, and the area returned to grass. A letter should also be written to the complainant stating that no trespassing is taking place as it is Common Land. Letter and emails to be shared with Cllr Dobson, Cllr Mortimer and Cllr Rugg before sending.

      A letter received from the landlady of The Boot relating to the recent Spotlight article, in particular the issuing of a Noise Abatement Order by TRDC. The letter stated no such order had been received. The Clerk will investigate and respond accordingly. It was decided that whilst SPC supports local businesses we should write to The Boot and reiterate that the noise levels do need to be managed.

      230/21 PUBLIC QUESTION TIME (230/21)

      A member of the public questioned the £800 allocated to the Community Garden. It was confirmed that these funds were granted by SPC only.


      Cllr Gell raised question about KGV fencing and whose responsibility it is to mend. Cllr Mortimer stated that a site visit is going to take place to see if a formal entrance can be made to enable children to go through to get lost balls.

      Cllr Farman informed Council that 2 public consultations on the Neighbourhood Plan had taken place and encouragement was given to residents to please engage with it and respond with any comments asap.

      Cllr Rugg stated the Financial Regulations should have been bought to Council this meeting for approval. Clerk apologised and will work with Cllr Lowry to bring them to next meeting.

      Cllr Thorp thanked Council for their support. He also gave explanation as to why he was leaving SPC, which included the reaction and behaviour of local residents about the Skatepark which had been disgraceful and had affected all those involved mentally. Cllr Thorp said he was very sad about what had happened and wished the Council all the best. Cllr Dobson thanked Cllr Thorp for all his incredible work establishing the Youth Group and the skatepark project especially.


      The date of the next meeting will be Tuesday 12th October 2021.

      Meeting closed at 21:38

      Caroline Owen
      Proper Officer/RFO, Sarratt Parish Council

      Spotlight Report
      SPC Spotlight Report (draft minutes of last meeting)

      SPC Article for Spotlight December 2021:



      Matters arising from the SPC meeting held on Tuesday 9 November 2021 are as follows:



      • Fly Tipping - Councillor Rugg reported there appears to be an increasing number of fly tipping incidents in and around the lanes over the last month particularly in Solesbridge Lane, Bottom Lane and Plough Lane. Fortunately, as a Parish we have an efficient network of Rural Watch members who report such incidents to the Clerk or direct to the relevant local authority for them to initiate clearance. Parishioners are encouraged to report any instances of fly tipping to the Parish Office, and if they happen to see the rubbish actually being dumped, to take photos or evidence from a car dash cam of the number plate which can then potentially be used in progressing action leading to an offender being prosecuted.
      • Litter Bins - the Parish Warden once again has reported that members of the public are continuing to dump household rubbish and other waste in the litter bins on Sarratt Green. SPC will continue to investigate preventative measures. 
      • Fallen and overhanging branches – the Parish Warden has dealt with these in a number of locations including Dawes Common and Commonwood.
      • Sarratt 10-year Woodlands Management Plan - Councillors Garvey and Rugg attended a site meeting at Commonwood with Richard Young of the Herts County Council (HCC) Countryside Management Group who are project managing the Plan and will apply on behalf of the Parish for a Grant from the Forestry Commission and the issue of any felling licences. The Plan has been compiled in the format to meet the Forestry Commission’s required criteria for grant applications. In accordance with statutory requirements the plan has now been circulated to other consultees, including TRDC and The Chiltern Conservation Board (responsible for conserving areas of AONB). As part of Richard’s visit the Ash Trees at the bottom of Commonwood closest to Red Lion Lane suffering from Die Back were assessed. Whilst there are no immediate signs of any imminent danger, it was agreed to obtain a quotation to undertake the remedial work needed. 
      • The Queen’s Green Canopy – Councillor Garvey advised notices have been placed in Spotlight and in the Village Shop window, asking for people interested in planting a tree(s) to come forward – no responses so far, although lots of people have made positive noises. Councillor Garvey has asked the Clerk to get in touch with TRDC re: planting trees on the corner of Dawes Lane and Downer Drive. Councillor Garvey is also looking into buying a large frameable map on which to pinpoint the new trees and hedges planted. 
      • Allotments – The Community Garden and Mission EmployAble, and possibly DofE students, are keen to take on the maintenance of the allotment site (as advised at September’s meeting) to complement Andrew Whitewood – this needs to be fleshed out, but essentially the plan would be to bring the neglected plots back to a decent state so they don’t end up costing SPC a fortune to rotavate; and potentially help any allotment holders who are struggling with their paths e.g. weeding etc. The new License Agreement enabling the Community Garden to rent plots 1 & 2 has now been signed. 
      • Remembrance Garden - Councillor Garvey met with Brenda Harold and Dawn Pitts from the Wildlife Volunteers, to discuss options for a Remembrance Garden on the triangle of Sarratt Green opposite Sarratt School. Dawn and Brenda made it very clear they did not want a Remembrance Garden created on Sarratt Green and their overwhelming desire was to leave things as they are, with a concession given to adding some extra bulbs to the grass around the pond, where there are already large swathes of daffodils. SPC have agreed to this but expressed its considerable sadness and disappointment that the concept of creating a natural Garden of Remembrance for everyone to enjoy opposite the School, designed and maintained in part by the children of Sarratt School, had received such a negative response and opposition from the Wildlife Volunteers which meant the project would now have to be abandoned.


      • Budget for 2022/23 - Following Councillors’ feedback on the first draft budget for the next financial year, Councillor Lowry talked Council through a revised draft. Whilst an increase in overall expenditure of £7,300 is predicted compared to the current year’s budget, it was agreed that to support those in the Parish still struggling financially as a result of the pandemic, the 2022/23 Budget (Precept), which is paid via residents’ Council Tax, would be kept at the same level as the previous two years. Councillor Lowry confirmed the additional expenditure could be funded from SPC’s reserves whilst still meeting our statutory requirement to hold ca. 50% of the annual budget in a reserve account in case of unexpected expenditure. The final budget for the next financial year will be presented to Council for formal approval at December’s meeting, before being submitted to TRDC.
      • Final External Auditor Report - SPC has now received its final assurance report from the External Auditors (PKF Littlejohn) on the previous financial year 2020/2021. The auditors found that the information provided in SPC’s Annual Governance & Accountability Return (AGAR) had been prepared in accordance with proper practices with no matters causing concern that necessary requirements had not been met. Two minor comments were raised for Council’s attention - the delay in filing the AGAR return following a final adjustment and the ledger code categorisation of an insurance claim in the accounting records. These items are noted for the handling of next year’s AGAR return. 
      • SPC’s Financial Policy and Risk Assessment Register – these have been updated to reflect a new sole debit card held and used by the Parish Clerk on its behalf for the purchase of small items and ancillary services. 
      • Councillor Dobson, as Chair, expressed huge thanks to Councillor Lowry for the significant amount of work he had undertaken on the Budget for 2022/23, the External Audit, and the Financial Policy and Risk Assessment Register, and for getting up to speed so quickly having only joined SPC in July. 



      Planning Applications: 

      • 21/2417/CLPD - Dellfield House, Plough Lane, Sarratt, WD3 4NL      

      Erection of a detached outbuilding 

      SPC decision: Objection - overdevelopment of the Green Belt. Creation of another large outbuilding in addition to the large outbuilding already in existence. If the Officer is minded to approve this application, SPC requests that a restriction is added that prevents future change of use to residential or any other type of accommodation. It is noted there is already an Enforcement order in place on the creation of a new access adjacent to the outbuildings.

      • 21/2373/FUL - Brookfield House, 1 Wards Drive, Sarratt, WD3 6AE              

      Erection of detached outbuilding to side garden 

      SPC decision: Objection - overdevelopment of the Green Belt with an additional building that could be used as a habitable dwelling in the grounds of the existing 4/5 bedroom house. If the Officer is minded to approve, SPC requests a condition is added that the building remains ancillary to the dwelling and that Permitted Development rights are removed.

      • 21/2330/FUL - Heather Cottage, Penmans Hill, Chipperfield, WD4 9DJ       

      First floor side extension 

      SPC decision: No objection

      • 21/2290/FUL - 2 Sarratt Bottom Cottages, Moor Lane, Sarratt, WD3 6DB 

      Extension to garage and partial conversion into music and games room (amendment to approved application 21/0276/FUL) 

      SPC decision: No objection, providing if approved, the building remains ancillary to the dwelling and that Permitted Development rights are removed.

      • 21/2271/FUL - Little Bragmans, Bragmans Lane, Sarratt, WD3 4NY              

      Two-storey front extension 

      SPC decision: No objection

      • 21/2395/RSP - Scrubbs Cottage, New Model Farm, Sarratt Road, Croxley Green, WD3 6AJ  

      Part Retrospective: Demolition of existing garage and erection of two storey and single-storey side extensions, including dormers to front and rear of the extensions and dwelling, addition of rooflights and alterations to fenestration 

      SPC decision: No objection, but request a condition is added that further development rights are removed for this site.

      • 21/2367/FUL - Green Hedges Annexe, Templepan Lane, Chandlers Cross, WD3 4NH               

      Infill existing carport 

      SPC decision: Objection - overdevelopment of the Green Belt due to the size of the additions to the original dwelling.

      • 21/2256/FUL - September Cottage, Deadman’s Ash Lane, Sarratt, WD3 6AL               

      Enlargement of single storey rear extension, enlargement of one rear roof dormer and alterations to fenestration 

      SPC decision: No objection

      • 21/2404/FUL - 1 Micklefield Green Cottages, Sarratt Road, WD3 6AH               

      Erection of stable building and hardstanding 

      SPC decision: No objection, and if the Officer is minded to approve this application, SPC request that a restriction is added that prevents Permitted Development rights and/or future change of use to residential or any other type of accommodation. SPC also ask that it is checked and clarified that no hedgerows will be removed or damaged as part of this application

      • 21/2399/FUL - The Old Cattle Shed, Red Lion Lane, Sarratt, WD3 6BN               

      Erection of a multi-purpose agricultural barn

      SPC decision: Objection – SPC strongly objects to this application which appears little different from an earlier application 20/2802/FUL which was refused by TRDC and with the following comment from SPC “Objection. Given that permission under permitted development was only provided in 2017 for the change of use to a residential dwelling of an existing, supposedly superfluous, agricultural barn on the site, it is astonishing that a new agricultural need has been identified at the same time as the said converted property is nearing completion. In addition, it is unclear that the property is a registered small holding or agricultural unit, thereby questioning whether an agricultural barn should be permitted. In any event, the proposed scale is considered too large for the purpose stated and its siting is inappropriate in a visible position off a country road.” SPC’s comments on this application are unchanged from those made on application 20/2802/FUL.

      • 21/2479/CLED - The Goslings, Bottom Lane, Sarratt, WD3 6DL         

      Certificate of Lawfulness for Existing Use: Use of part of existing stable building as independent dwelling house (Class C3) 

      SPC decision: Objection – on the basis of a new dwelling in the Green Belt.

      Planning Decisions:

      • 21/1715/CLPD - Hunterswood House, Penmans Green, Sarratt, WD4 9AY

      Certificate of Lawfulness Proposed Development: Construction of outbuilding

      SPC decision: No objection

      TRDC decision: Approved

      • 21/1498/PDA - Land at the rear of 47 Church Lane, Sarratt 

      Prior Notification: Conversion of agricultural building to five residential dwellings

      SPC decision: No objection could be raised as this was a Permitted Development application

      TRDC decision: Withdrawn

      • 21/2191/DIS - Land North of Callipers Hall, Bucks Hill, Sarratt, WD4 9BP

      Discharge of Condition 4 (SUDS), Condition 5 (Arboricultural Method Statement), Condition 6 (Hard and Soft Landscaping Scheme) pursuant to 21/1894/FUL

      SPC decision: No objection 

      TRDC decision: Approved

      • 21/1830/FUL - Great Sarratt Hall Cottage, The Green, Sarratt, WD3 4PD

      Creation of new vehicular access with closure of existing access with sliding gate

      SPC decision: Objection

      TRDC decision: Refused

      • 21/2189/CLPD - Great Sarratt Hall Cottage, The Green, Sarratt, WD3 4PD

      Certificate of Lawfulness for Proposed Development: Erection of summerhouse outbuilding in rear garden

      SPC decision: No objection

      TRDC decision: Approved

      • 21/1326/FUL - 4 New Cottages, Solesbridge Lane, Chorleywood, WD3 6AD

      Part single, part two storey, front, side and rear extensions, extension of the existing driveway

      SPC decision: Objection - overdevelopment, but following subsequent discussions SPC agreed not to request this application be called into the Planning Committee if approved, on the basis that the application has been significantly reduced to approximately match the guide maximum of 40% expansion for a property in green belt.

      TRDC decision: Approved

      • 21/1139/FUL - The Mulberry Bush Farm, Dawes Lane, Sarratt, WD3 6BQ

      Removal of Condition 11 (Agricultural Occupation) of planning permission 17/2169/FUL

      SPC decision: Objection

      TRDC decision: Refused


      • Roadworks and Diversions - Major roadworks and diversions planned in our area are published on the ‘One.Network’ website: Please note that if Parishioners need to plan ahead, this website allows a user to view any planned works 2 weeks, 3 or 12 months ahead. For those without access to computers, then Parishioners can ask the SPC Office to provide the details required (or simply Google Hertfordshire Roadworks and select One Network).
      • Road-Faults and Repairs -  With winter storms soon to be upon us, Parishioners are requested to report damaged roads as soon as possible via the HCC fault reporting portal, here: This covers road damage, potholes, fly-tipping, broken lights, flooding, in short, anything to do with roads. This portal is open for all to use. Alternatively, please contact the SPC Office and we will report it, but it will be slower.
      • Sarratt Road - We are pleased to report that, as a result of pressure from SPC and with the support of District Councillor Phil Williams and Mr Yucelt from HCC, there is now improved road marking on Sarratt Road. The hazards of that road are known to us all, but at last some signs and road markings, indicating ’SLOW’ on the most dangerous parts are in place. We’re not there yet: signage outside York House School, and on the major bends, needs improving; longer-term we also need the speed limit reduced from the current National Speed Limit and work carried-out on the unacceptable number of dangerous trees abutting the road, but it is a start.
      • Buck’s Hill and Chandlers Cross Telephone Boxes - Over the last 2-3 years since SPC adopted the telephone boxes in Bucks Hill and Chandlers Cross following the removal of their payphones by BT, it has not been possible to agree on a use for them, although a number of options for them have been explored including using them as a defibrillation point. In the meantime, SPC has had to maintain them, and repair any damage or vandalism, which has recently been the case with the telephone box at Buck’s Hill.

      Councillor Gell has investigated the cost to remove them quoted by DCT engineering, who are BT’s contractors for the removal of telephone boxes. 

      • £1,200 for a lorry to remove both boxes
      • £421 each for disconnection of the electrical supply
      • Total ca. £2,000+

      Councillor Gell advised the minimum old BT boxes sell for is £1750-£2000 each, which would come back to SPC. But with BT disconnecting and removing a significant number of telephone boxes around the country there is no guarantee we would be able to sell them. It was agreed to put an advert in Spotlight on the fate of the telephone boxes and to see whether an alternative use could not be found for them. This would then be bought back to a future Council meeting.

      • Fingerposts - Councillor Dobson advised 4 of the much awaited new fingerpost signposts would finally be arriving next week.


      • Councillor Dobson advised the property description associated with Planning Enforcement 21/0193/COMP in the SPC October Minutes incorrectly stated ‘Land to Rear Of The Woodyard’ and should be amended to ‘Vine Cottage’. TRDC who had incorrectly provided the information have been advised and updated their records.
      • Councillor Gell attended the Chandlers Cross Residents Association where the idea of increasing the scope of the Chandlers Cross Residents Association to encompass the whole of Sarratt was proposed. No vote was taken, so no decision has been made.
      • Councillor Dobson advised a local resident has volunteered to project manage the KGV Alive (Skatepark) Project through the next stage to test if the proposed design would meet the target age group and to explore what measures could be put in place to mitigate the concerns raised by some residents. A meeting is scheduled for next week between Freestyle, the skate park designers/manufacturers, and the Chairs/Trustees of the ‘corporate’ sponsors – SPC, SCCF and KGV.
      • Electric Umbrella (a local charity) has requested use of Sarratt Green on Friday 19 November from 11am-12noon for a short presentation ceremony for the handover of a minibus to support their activities by the West Herts Charitable Trust. SPC approved the request, but will ask Electric Umbrella to use the area of the Green closer to the Shop and Sarratt School, rather than the area of the Green opposite the Boot, which will still have the wreaths, and poppy pebbles laid out for Remembrance Day in place.
      • Parking on the narrow strip of Sarratt Green that sits between the footpath and the road leading up to Alexandra Road and Dawes Lane from the Village Shop is dangerous and will start to churn up the grass as the weather worsens through the Winter. It was agreed to put windscreen notices on cars parked there.
      • Concerns were raised regarding The Mulberry Bush, which now appears to operating what seems to be a ‘farm/outdoor school’ and the use of buildings on the site as dwellings with no agricultural connection. It was agreed SPC would raise the farm/outdoor school concerns with HCC.
      • District Councillor Reid advised his proposals to TRDC regarding the Buck’s Hill traveller’s site were backed by all groups at TRDC bar the Lib Dems. He will continue to press for a better resolution on the matter.
      • Councillor Gell advised local residents are beginning to explore broadband options for the Templepan Lane and the Chandlers Cross area. 
      • Councillor Dobson advised SPC had received two ‘expressions of interest’ for the positions it has for two new Councillors, but no formal applications had been received to date.

      SPC’s next meeting will take place on Tuesday 14 December at 7:30pm in the Back Room of Sarratt Village Hall. Parishioners and member of the public are welcome to attend. The agenda for the meeting will be published on the SPC Noticeboard outside the Village Hall and on the SPC website by Thursday 9 December.

      Sarratt Parish Council

      Telephone:    01923 262025






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