Sarratt Parish Council Meetings

Sarratt Parish Council Meetings

SPC Meetings take place in the back room of the village hall on the second Tuesday of the month, starting at 7:30. Meetings are open to the public and the Press.

Here, you can read the formal Agenda of the next meeting, the formally-approved Minutes of the previous meeting and a SPC's most recent summary report, as published in Spotlight

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20/21 Schedule

    Agenda of the Next Meeting
    Agenda of the Next Meeting

    Parish Office, Village Hall,
    The Green, Sarratt, Rickmansworth
    Hertfordshire. WD3 6AS

    Telephone: 01923 262025

    To all Members of the Parish Council

    Cllrs: Sarah Dobson, John Rugg, Peter Thorp, Anthony Soothill, Nick Mortimer, John Gell, Dave Rees, Simon Diggins.

    Copy To: County Councillor Williams
    District Councillor Butler

    Note: Public and Press are welcome.
    Parishioners and other interested individuals are invited to attend and take part in the proceedings via Zoom. The link invitation is as follows:

    Date and time: Tuesday 13 April 2021, 7:30 PM

    Join Zoom Meeting

    Meeting ID: 898 4692 5619

    Alternatively, to join the meeting by telephone, please use the following number and enter the passcode followed by # when prompted.
    0208 080 6591
    Passcode: 89846925619#

    Dear Councillors,

    You are hereby summoned to attend the meeting of SARRATT PARISH COUNCIL to be held remotely via Zoom, on Tuesday 13 April 2021 at 7.30pm, when it is proposed to transact the business specified in the following Agenda.


    To receive and accept apologies for absence, and any announcements.

    To receive any “Declarations of Interest” in items on the agenda

    83/21 MINUTES
    To confirm and sign the Minutes of the Council Meeting held on 9 March 2021.







    89/21 MAY FAIR




    To approve the internet banking transactions to the sum of £xxxxx

    To review the following SPC policies for adoption:
    - Equal Opportunities
    - Marking the Death of a Significant National Figure
    - Asset Management
    - Correspondence
    - Memorial Benches and Trees
    - Signs and Posters
    - Filming on Parish Land


    95/21 ANNUAL PARISH MEETING (April 27th)




    To discuss and agree comments on the planning applications.





    102/21 KGV ALIVE




    To receive questions and comments from Councillors

    The date of the next meeting will be Tuesday 11 May 2021.

    Sarah Dobson
    Chair, Sarratt Parish Council
    Date of Notice: 8 April 2021

    Formal Minutes(most recent)
    Most Recent formally-approved Minutes

    Minutes of the Sarratt Parish Council meeting held remotely at 7.30pm on
    Tuesday 9 March 2021

    Present: Councillor S Dobson - Chair
    Councillor C Bloom
    Councillor J Gell
    Councillor N Mortimer
    Councillor D Rees
    Councillor J Rugg
    Councillor A Soothill
    Councillor P Thorp
    Councillor S Diggins

    In attendance: 5 members of the public


    Apologies were received from Caroline Owen. Best wishes for her continued recovery were expressed by all.
    As this was Cllr Bloom’s last meeting as Councillor, the Chair expressed Council’s thanks for her great contribution and hard work, particularly on the environment and sustainability agendas over the last couple of years.
    Cllrs Soothill and Rees’ last Council meeting will be the April meeting. Cllr Rees kindly offered to continue on the Days Charity Committee until a replacement could be found. This offer was gratefully accepted. It was also noted new representatives would be needed for the KGV and Village Hall Committees. Cllr Mortimer has said he would be happy to take on the KGV Committee role until a replacement could be found. Cllr Gell expressed his interest in taking on the Village Hall role. The positions would be formally appointed at the April meeting.
    The Chair advised the three vacancies had been duly advertised on the TRDC website and no candidates were forthcoming. SPC is now free to co-opt new members onto Council. A co-option notice would be placed on the SPC noticeboard, in the Village Shop, the Village Facebook group and in Spotlight if it continues. The deadline for applications will be 10 April 2021.


    56/21 MINUTES
    The minutes of the Council Meeting held on 9 February 2021 were approved.
    Proposer - Cllr Mortimer; Seconder - Cllr Diggins


    Village Hall AGM (Cllr Soothill)
    Cllr Soothill reported the following:
    • The Village Hall generated a surplus in the last financial year due to successful bids for Covid-19 grants off-setting the loss of hire income, but this is likely to reverse this year as it is unclear whether further grants will be available yet lockdown has continued.
    • Roger Dudley was elected as the new Chair.
    • The next AGM will be held on 10 January 2022.

    KGV Trustees (Cllr Rugg)
    • KGV were late in submitting the lottery fund application for the new pavilion windows that Cllr Rugg led the drafting of, and a new application process is now in place so KGV will have to submit a new application.
    • The Trustees agreed the skatepark project should proceed and that it will be managed by the community with Cllr Thorpe as project manager working with a representative team from the village including two KGV trustees. The team will work with the appointed specialist supplier from Heronsgate to arrive at a final design and funding.
    • Concern was expressed regarding the football club seeking a further £10K to improve the field – particularly as a similar sum had been provided last year mainly funded by Herts FA.
    • A discussion was held on income streams which have been impacted by the reduced usage of the Sunrise and Sunset Club when the schools were closed during lockdown.
    • Cleaning the pavilion remains an issue under COVID restrictions as visiting teams cannot share changing rooms with the home team and have to use the main hall which therefore gets very muddy.

    Three Rivers Environment Forum (TREF) (Cllr Bloom)
    Cllr Bloom attended the TREF on 3 March 2021. The minutes of the meeting can be found via the following link.
    Key points arising were:
    • A presentation on Three Rivers Climate Emergency and Sustainability Strategy Consultation. The main documents can be viewed via the following link: resources-committee-8-march-2021
    • Rewilding Strategy: TRDC intends to run 5 pilot projects in the Spring, essentially reducing cutting of its meadows, green spaces etc to once a year at the end of the summer flowering season.
    • Tree Strategy: (See below under Environment)
    • Baselining: The point was made that ‘baselining’ should not be based on our current degraded environmental state but needs to better reflect a ‘status quo ante’.
    • The significant and damaging impact on footpaths, bridleways and the countryside generally by increased footfall during Covid 19: While increased usage was welcome, there would need to be education and perhaps better direction and guidance to visitors to minimise damage going forward.
    • Recycling: TRDC is one of the best Districts in the Country for recycling.
    • The Colne Valley was recently featured on Countryfile, but the original location for the feature had to be changed due to the pollution of the River Colne.

    Local Area Forum (LAF) (Cllr Dobson)
    Cllrs Dobson and Soothill attended from SPC. Other attendees included the Chair and Clerk of Chorleywood; District Councillor, Phil Williams; and a number of representatives from TRDC.
    A brief presentation was given by PSCO Steve Jacobs on crime statistics in the last year. Total crimes in Sarratt and Chorleywood North, including burglary, theft and anti-social behaviour, had fallen from 260 to 239 (9% reduction). Reduction due possibly to people being at home during lockdown. The detail behind these numbers was requested.
    The majority of the meeting was on a detailed presentation on HS2 from Align (part of the HS2 consortium at Maple Cross). Key information shared was:
    • Work on the 16-mile tunnel under the Chilterns will start in Summer 2021. The tunneling machines are now on site and being prepared to start boring.
    • Work on the viaduct over the Denham lakes starts Spring 2022.
    • All work is due to be completed by late 2024, and site cleared by 2025. The works sites will be made good.
    • The main concerns from the meeting attendees were the disruption to the roadways around the site due to construction traffic, and how effective restoring the environment really would be. An online exhibition is scheduled for March 23rd and 25th, but info on how to sign up is still awaited.
    The Chorleywood Chair provided an update on COVID issues in their Parish, and also shared details of their Community Champions programme (similar to Sarratt’s Local Heroes), and their Community Front Gardens competition.
    The SPC update was given by Cllr Dobson on highlights since the last LAF in October 2020. Cllr Dobson also raised the issue of delayed visits to sites in the Parish by the Enforcement Team, especially where some of these visits could be conducted from the roadside.

    Thames Water Initiative (Cllr Diggins)
    • Thames Water has identified the River Chess as one of five rivers in its catchment area where a holistic approach - integrating water management, the environment generally, and leisure activities, could be fruitful. An initial meeting took place in February and a report is due out in early March, setting-out a 10-year plan. The first, and most welcome, step will be to improve water and waste management from the Chesham works: some £3.3m has been allocated for this.
    • Cllr Dobson also noted an email had recently been received from the River Chess Association advising Thames Water would be starting work immediately to address 10 groundwater ingress points, that contribute to the overflow of the Chesham sewage tanks into the River Chess.


    58/21 LEAD COUNCILLORS REPORT (Cllr Mortimer)
    • New Duckhouse for Sarratt Pond – now ordered and expected in the next few weeks. A huge ‘Thank You’ to Moira Rugg and RSPB friends for making this possible.
    • Hedgerow on the corner of Deadman’s Ash/Dimmock’s Lane – contact with the landowner made, and permission will be given to SPC to cut back the hedgerow, but only after ‘sign off’ from UK Power re: sub-station. Work cannot start now until 1 September due to nesting birds etc.
    • Oak Tree 666 is now down and the main trunk has been turned into a 3-tier seating bench. Thanks to Cllrs Rugg and Bloom for getting the ball rolling on this.
    • Fly tipping in Bottom Lane – reported to TRDC (also see Parish Warden’s Report below).
    • Tree inspection of oaks in Deadman’s Ash Lane – work required to address the over-hanging branches is too big for SPC to handle and has been reported to HCC Highways by Cllr Diggins.
    • Ironworks exposed on edge of The Green opposite service road – HCC Highways issue and has been reported by Cllr Diggins.
    • Horses damaging ancient woodland at Rosehall – meeting scheduled for 10am Thursday 11 March with TRDC.
    • Motorbike fire at kissing gate in Bucks Hill – scene visited and new gate ordered. Section of damaged fencing also to be replaced by SPC.
    • KGV – child stuck in new play equipment – Cllr Mortimer has taken pictures and will email the manufacturer.

    Parish Warden Report
    • Litter picked along Bottom Lane, Plough Lane and round the Plough pub up through to The Green. I have also found a fly tip of household rubbish thrown in the hedge along Bottom lane footpath going to Bucks Hill. I have noticed the rubbish along Bottom Lane has increased since last month.
    • Andrew and I replaced the old damaged walk-posts in Commonwood, Bucks Hill, Dawes woods, as well refurbing and updating the horse signs. 
    • Two dangerous hung-up trees in Commonwood down the bottom near Red Lion Lane, have been cleared, making the footpath safe to the public.
    • I haven’t seen anything dangerous or that needs doing down at the River Chess. I have cut back a couple of hedges along the footpaths. We could do with some signs to tell people it’s not safe to go into the river.
    • I have been cleaning any kissing gates and benches which the pubic have touched or used to help keep the risk of COVID in the village lower.  
    • I have also noticed a lot of rubbish that has been on Sarratt Road included dirt which has been fly tipped at the top of Solesbridge Lane. I have raked these out.

    Warden’s Proposed Plan of Works.
    • To give both shelters in the village an update - a couple of pieces of weatherboarding will need to be replaced including being re stained or varnished.
    • The poles round the pond could do with a good sand down as well as a paint including the pump on the green.
    • Footpath Repair in Commonwood. One of the footpaths at the bottom of Commonwood is quite dangerous, due to the ground decaying, making the footpath hard to get down. I have cut the hedges back so you can get through safety without falling into the hedges.

    • Woodland Plan - We finally have the numbers of people to initiate the Zoom meeting replacing the woodland walk to discuss initially the 10-year tree management plans and the specific requirements to obtain a Forestry Commission Grant – possibly to be funded in future under ELMS (Environmental Land Management Scheme) rather than EU CAP funds that have been temporarily extended by HM Treasury following Brexit.
    • Tree whips – Cllr Bloom advised these have now been distributed.
    • TRDC Tree Strategy - TRDC are seeking input to a consultation survey on their new 5-year Tree Strategy Plan for woods on land where TRDC are the registered owners. The intent is not only to encourage more tree coverage but also to ensure that new trees are nurtured and maintained. The initial briefing document, 'Tree Strategy 2022-2027', is now available and sets out the broad process and timescale for producing the new Strategy. It also highlights the points when stakeholders will be consulted and invited to comment on the emerging strategy, which should occur late summer/early autumn. The link to the Strategy is here:
    Our proposal is they should extend the scope and consider links to interface with other woodland owners within the District to include private landowners, councils, trusts and charities, particularly, as all the large and small woodlands in Sarratt and apparently elsewhere in the District, are both designated wildlife sites within the TRDC Planning Framework and many are used by the public for recreational activities. The review will seek to address such issues as: how trees are managed; linkages to local planning review; how to encourage landowners to plant and manage their trees; and ensuring builders keep their promises on replanting. Initially, TRDC aim to set out a time frame for stakeholders with an interest to contribute to the strategy over a suggested 1-month period. This initial report will be circulated and comments invited, including targets and costings. They are proposing funds for trees, and their maintenance.

    See above under 57/21.


    61/21 Lead Councillor’s Report (Cllr Thorp)
    The Clerk has a back to work date of 22 March and will undertake a phased return, dealing with a number of projects that will enable her to work flexibly as she builds up to full hours. Cllr Dobson and Thorp will continue to staff the office and deal with email and phone calls for the time being.
    There are two pots of grant funding available, one from Watford & 3 Rivers Trust for up to £1,500 for trees, and one from the police for local road safety measures. Details have been passed to the leads for Environment and Highways to apply.

    62/62 Payments
    Payments totaling £5,746.82 were approved.
    Proposed - Cllr Mortimer; Seconded - Cllr Bloom

    63/21 Review of SPC Policies for Adoption
    The following policies were approved and adopted:
    • GDPR, Subject Access Request, SPC Privacy Notice, Data Breach, IT & Information Security, and Freedom of Information & publication schedule.
    Proposed - Cllr Rugg; Seconded - Cllr Gell.
    • SPCs policy on Lone Working and the Lone Worker Risk Assessment were also reviewed and adopted.
    Proposed - Cllr Soothill; Seconded - Cllr Thorp.
    These will now be added to the SPC website.

    64/21 ANNUAL PARISH MEETING (27 April)
    This is scheduled for 27 April. It was agreed that rather than postponing, this would be held by Zoom. Recipients of a grant for 21/22 would be invited to attend as well as other members of the public. Payments would be made by a posted cheque or bank transfer. Lead Councillors were requested to submit their reports for the 20/21 year by the end of March to enable compilation of the Annual Report in time for the meeting.
    Cllr Dobson also advised she would be bringing the meeting schedule for 21/22 to the next Council meeting for approval.


    65/21 LEAD COUNCILLORS REPORT (Cllr Soothill)
    See below.

    Nothing further to report. The new Local Plan consultation is still expected in May/June this year and scheduled to be implemented in Summer 2023.

    Cllr Soothill reminded Councillors that the Neighbourhood Plan Working Group had decided to push ahead with Neighbourhood Plan, ideally with adoption in early 2022, despite the delays to the TRDC Local Plan. If needs be adjustments could be made at a later date.
    Cllr Soothill provided a summary of the Neighbourhood Plan policies which were circulated prior to the meeting. It was noted the Design Codes laid out in the Neighbourhood Plan are not dissimilar to the approach SPC already takes when reviewing planning applications. As such there was no reason why SPC could not adopt these with immediate effect.
    Proposed - Cllr Rugg; Seconded - Cllr Thorp and adopted.
    Cllr Soothill advised the Neighbourhood Plan Working Group were planning to hold the public consultation on the Neighbourhood Plan policies as soon as COVID restrictions allowed face-to-face meetings to take place. A date will be set at the Working Group meeting in April. The aim of the consultation meetings will be to gather what people like / don’t like and any ‘missings’.
    The Neighbourhood Plan has cost the Parish Council £3k to date. Although the total cost is considerably more, this has to date been subsidized by external grants. Total cost to SPC is likely to be in the region of £10K.


    Sarum, Templepan Lane, Chandlers Cross, WD3 4NH. Application No: 21/0232/FUL
    Demolition of existing garage and existing annexe and construction of replacement garage and annexe buildings.
    Comments: No objection.

    2 Sarratt Bottom Cottage, Moor Lane, Sarratt, WD3 6DB. Application No: 21/0276/FUL
    Extension to existing garage and conversion into habitable accommodation.
    Comments: No objection provided a condition is that this building remains ancillary to the dwelling and that Permitted Development rights are removed.

    Land Known As The Puffing Field, Adjoining Brackenhurst, Windmill Hill, WD4 9DG. Application No: 21/0282/FUL
    Demolition of existing structures and construction of two storey detached self-build residential dwelling with associated curtilage.
    Comments: Objection. Sarratt Parish Council strongly objects to this application. This application represents the building of a substantial new dwelling in the Green Belt without any special circumstances having been demonstrated, and as such is considered inappropriate development in the Green Belt. Further, we contend that: i) The argument in the application that this is infill is invalid as this would require a gap in an existing highway and Windmill Hill as a private road is not a highway; ii) There are no existing permanent structures on site to demolish; iii) There are currently no vehicular access rights to the site. If the officer is minded to approve, it is respectfully requested that it is called into Committee.

    Cherry Tree Cottage, Finches Avenue, Redheath, WD3 4LN. Application No: 21/0400/FUL
    Removal of Condition 2 of planning permission 01/01452/FUL to remove agricultural occupancy restriction.
    Comments: Objection on the basis that the removal of the agricultural tie would reward the previous illegal occupancy prior to 20/2376/CLED by allowing an unfettered new dwelling in the Green Belt.

    Afton Redhall Lane, Chandlers Cross, WD3 4LX. Application No: 21/0179/FUL
    Demolition of existing conservatories and erection of new side and rear conservatories.
    Comments: No objection.

    York House School, Sarratt Road, Croxley Green, WD3 4LW. Application No: 21/0421/FUL.
    Variation of Conditions 2 (Approved Plans) and 3 (Acoustic Levels) pursuant to planning permission 20/1625/FUL Demolition of 2 no. existing sheds and proposed extension to existing barn, part conversion of barn in) to vary the layout and elevation details and vary the permitted external noise levels.
    Comments: No objection.

    The Hollies, Commonwood, WD4 9BA. Application No: 21/0197/CLPD
    Conversion of existing integrated garage to habitable room.
    Comments: Noted.

    Land Adjoining Blenheim Cottage, Bucks Hill. Application No: 21/0173/FUL
    Change of use of land to use for equestrian use including erection of stable block and hay store, provison of hardstanding, construction of driveway and menage.
    Comments: No objection.

    Callipers Hall, Bucks Hill, WD4 9BP. Application No: 21/0250/CLPD
    Construction of a detached outbuilding over existing outdoor swimming pool.
    Comments: No objection.

    Holly Hedges Farm, Olleberrie Lane, Belsize, WD3 4NU. Application No: 21/0301/PDT
    Enlargement of the dwellinghouse by the construction of one additional storey (3.2m in height) and raising of ridge to result in an overall height of 8.4m (Class AA).
    Comments: Noted.

    13 Deadmans Ash Lane, Sarratt, WD3 6AL. Application No: 21/0372/CLPD
    Single storey side extension and loft conversion including hip to gable enlargement and rear dormer with Juliet balcony and alterations to fenestration in existing rear projection.
    Comments: Noted.

    Land South Of Junction 20 Of M25 And West Of A41, Hunton Bridge. Application No: 19/0646/OUT
    Outline Application: Construction of new Motorway Service Area (MSA) to comprise: amenity building, 80 bedroom lodge, drive-thru coffee unit, fuel filling station with retail shop, together with associated car, coach, motorcycle, caravan, HGV and abnormal load parking, alterations to the A41 including construction of a new roundabout and vehicular access, works to the local highway network and at Junction 20 of the M25 motorway. Provision of landscaping, signage, infrastructure and ancillary works. 
    Comments: Resubmit previous response given in April 2019, specifically: “Whilst the application in not in the Sarratt area the Parish Council object strongly to this application due to the increase in traffic on the already busy road network. The proposed new roundabout on the A41 would cause further congestion and delays on an already busy road.”


    The Old Cattle Shed, Red Lion Lane, Sarratt, WD3 6BN. Application No: 20/2802/FUL
    Erection of a multi-purpose agricultural barn.
    SPC: Objection
    TRDC decision: REFUSED
    Nasus, Dunny Lane, Belsize, WD4 9DE. Application No: No: 20/2458/FUL
    Two storey front and rear extensions, loft conversion including increase in ridge height, roof extension over existing garage, front, side and rear dormer windows and side rooflights, front porch and front steps and alterations to patio to rear.
    SPC: No objection
    TRDC decision: REFUSED

    Cllr Dobson advised she had emailed Matthew Roberts at TRDC Enforcement team with SPC’s concerns over the lack of progress on a number of long-standing enforcements due to COVID, particularly when some of these could be assessed from the roadside. District Cllr Butler also offered to raise the matter with TRDC.


    71/21 LEAD COUNCILLORS REPORT (Cllr Diggins)
    There is a significant number of road works within the Parish over the next few months, reflecting the end of winter and slight easing of Covid-19 restrictions.

    Cllr Diggins will, with residents, now obtain quotes for:
    • Repair of the road (Residents’ responsibility)
    • Repair of the Green (SPC responsibility)

    73/21 QUIET LANES
    Cllr Diggins advised there was nothing further to report. Action is planned by HCC Highways in the new financial year commencing April 2021.

    Cllr Dobson advised delivery of the 4 replacement fingerposts that have been ordered is expected towards the end of April. Subject to the quality of this first batch of fingerposts an order will be placed with the same supplier for the 3 remaining fingerposts to be funded from the 21/22 budget.

    75/21 KGV HALF PIPE
    The Sarratt skatepark project has been approved by KGV and a preferred supplier selected. Cllr Thorp is managing the project and is putting together a management group representing SCCF, KGV, SPC and three young members of the community who represent the end users. A kick-off meeting is scheduled on Saturday 13 March for the project team.

    Cllr Diggins advised contact has been established with Sarratt School and all other plans are dependent on the easing of lockdown. Cllr Butler suggested that the weekend of the Sarratt Flower Festival (25-27 June) might be suitable.

    • A provisional booking has been made for the May Fair for the first weekend in May. The organisers have asked SPC if this can go ahead in the light of the government roadmap for England. Cllr Dobson agreed to check if the guidance on theme parks opening up from 12 April would also apply to fun-fairs. If yes, then assurance from the Fair organisers would be required on how they would ensure appropriate levels of cleaning and sanitization were in place and social distancing maintained.
    • A resident has requested use of the Green for a charity called the Bike Project which collects and refurbishes old bikes and distributes them to refugees. Permission was granted for after 12 April (assuming the next stage of the government ‘roadmap’ happens on time) with the proviso that strict social distancing and hand sanitising will be adhered to. Cllr Thorp would communicate this to the resident concerned.

    District Cllr Butler advised a Friends of Holy Cross ‘open garden‘ was scheduled for 25 May.

    Councillor Rees noted HCC Highways were conducting the usual end of the financial year ‘panic’ to spend their budget with multiple roadworks taking place in the Parish and wider District.

    The date of the next meeting will be Tuesday 13 April 2021, to be held via Zoom.

    Sarah Dobson
    Chair, Sarratt Parish Council
    Spotlight Report
    SPC Spotlight Report (draft minutes of last meeting)

    The following report covers the main points from the meeting of Sarratt Parish Council (SPC) on 13 April 2021.


    • The Chair reflected the deep sadness felt by the Councillors and Clerk on the news of the death of His Royal Highness, Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh and that the Council’s thoughts were with Her Majesty the Queen and members of the Royal Family at this time. The Chair confirmed that the Parish Council website had been updated in line with the required protocol, and a link had been included to the Hertfordshire Book of Condolence and advised the Parish Council had entered a message of condolence. The Union flag was hoisted to half-mast at the War Memorial on Sarratt Green following the announcement of His Royal Highness’ death and would continue there until 8am on the morning of the day after the funeral. As a mark of respect, a period of one minute silence was observed by all attending the meeting.
    • As this was the last meeting for Councillor Soothill and Councillor Rees the Chair expressed Council’s deep thanks for the valued contribution they had provided to Council both jointly and as individuals. Their expertise and guidance on Planning and Governance for a period of service totaling over 45 years between them has been invaluable.
    • Council agreed it would hold the process of co-opting candidates into the three vacancies, for the role of Councillor at its meeting on Wednesday 19 May, which includes the vacancy created last month when Coral Bloom stepped as a Parish Councillor.
    • It was agreed that Councillor Gell would take over from Councillor Soothill as the SPC representative on the Sarratt Village Hall Committee, and that Councillor Mortimer would take over from Councillor Rees as the SPC representative on the KGV Committee. 
    • Council were pleased to note that in a personal capacity, Ant Soothill would continue to be a member of the Sarratt Neighbourhood Plan Working Group, and Dave Rees would continue to be a member of the Days Charity Committee and both would continue to provide updates to SPC as appropriate.
    • Council also expressed its sincere thanks to District Councillor Butler who is stepping down from her role as District Councillor for Sarratt at the forthcoming May election. Council expressed its thanks for the many years of service and support that Marilyn has provided to Sarratt Parish Council and the residents of Sarratt.
    • Councillor Diggins informed the Council that his nomination to stand as an Independent candidate in the forthcoming Herts County Council Election had been accepted. On behalf of the Council, the Chair congratulated Councillor Diggins on his nomination and wished him well in the forthcoming election.
    • Legislation allowing for remote/virtual meetings of local Councils no longer applies from 7 May and Covid regulations currently in force forbid meetings inside premises until 17 May. In addition, the Rear Hall normally used by Council is too small to allow SPC to hold meetings socially distanced under the Village Hall Covid guidelines, and the Main Hall is already occupied on a Tuesday evening. It was therefore agreed by Council to reschedule the Council meetings planned for 11 May and 8 June to Wednesday 19 May and Wednesday 9 June respectively. From that date onwards, providing Covid guidelines allow, the Council will resume meetings in the Rear Hall on the 2nd Tuesday of each month, and an updated schedule with the revised meeting dates would be published on the SPC noticeboard and website. 
    • The SPC Annual Parish Meeting will take place on 27 April at 7:30pm via Zoom. The meeting will be advertised in the Village Shop, on the Village Facebook Group, and the SPC website. The Annual Parish Report for 2020/21 will also be made available on the SPC website. Traditionally this is the meeting at which the grant cheques are handed out to Parish organisations and societies. As this will be a virtual meeting this year, grant recipients will be contacted individually to arrange payment of their grant by cheque or bank transfer to their organisation / society. 
    • A provisional booking has been made for the May Fair to visit Sarratt Green on the 7-13 June. This will be reviewed closer to the date depending on the government restrictions in place at the time. In the meantime, the Fair organisers have provided to Council their Covid risk assessments and confirmed the site would be fenced off with the numbers of customers restricted, and the necessary Covid requirements would be in place and enforced.


    • There have been two major fly tipping incidents this month reported by the Parish Warden and requiring removal by TRDC.
    • KGV - There were 3 reports of dangerous items at KGV which were dealt with by the Parish Warden. The issue with the new play equipment has been reported to the manufacturers. It appears the part of the equipment causing the issue had been fitted the wrong way round and the manufacturer will be visiting KGV to rectify the situation. 
    • The gate and fence damaged by a burnt out scooter at Commonwood has been replaced.
    • Following concerns about tree damage by horses on the land at Rose Hall Woods (an ancient woodland and special wildlife area) the horses have been moved to another area after consultation with TRDC. 
    • The litter picking group is planning to start again this month with groups of six and some new equipment is on order. The Parish Warden is also continuing to pick up litter on his rounds of the Parish.
    • The Parish Warden has also cut back some of the hedges and cleaned signs down at the River Chess.
    • Regular inspections of the allotments will begin this month to ensure they are being maintained and are in good order. Invoices have been issued for the allotment rents due for 21/22, and the allotment tenants will shortly be receiving notification of a rent increase from £10 to £20 for 2022/23.
    • Compliments have been received for creating the log bench from the felled Oak Tree 666 on the Green. The idea of creating a bench from felled trees was originally proposed by a local school pupil, Oliver Gillmore of Deadman’s Ash. SPC are currently arranging for a new plaque to be installed on the bench to remember the reason for the planting of both the remaining and felled trees.
    • Councillor Rugg reported that two useful meetings had taken place at Commonwood to update interested parties on the draft 10-year Management Plan, which is required to obtain a Forestry Commission Grant. The meetings led by Richard Young of HCC Country Management Services, included the Sarratt Wildlife Volunteers and representation from the Sustainable Sarratt Group. Plans include a ‘Woodland Ride / Linear Glade’ - an avenue created from a thinned back tree line to open the canopy and create a graduated level of ascending height of flora to become established.  
    • Councillor Rugg reported he had also recently attended the Hertfordshire County Council Zoom presentation on their Climate Change and Sustainability Policy & Strategy. They have committed £10M from their Budget for capital projects and £2M revenue for Climate Change and Sustainability projects – spanning the next 4 years and see Town & Parish Councils and Community Groups as essential partners in making things happen/being key influencers. 
    • Councillor Diggins raised concerns from residents who have report difficulties with paths and tracks in Harrock’s Wood. He explained that whilst they are in Sarratt Parish, the woods are owned and managed by the Woodlands Trust. 

    Policy & Resources

    Councillor Thorp advised Caroline Owen, the Parish Clerk who has been on sick leave for some time, is returning to work, but on a phased return in the light of her extended absence and to ensure she is sufficiently recovered to resume her normal hours. Councillors Dobson and Thorp will continue to manage the operational running of the office, including manning the phone and attending to emails for the immediate future. 

    The Council’s year end surplus of £17K has been allocated to specific reserves projects as agreed by Council at their meeting in February. 

    At its meeting in December 2020 Council agreed to keep its budget for 21/22 at the same level as 20/21 and so minimise the financial burden on Sarratt residents some of whom were known to have faced financial difficulties because of the pandemic. It appears Sarratt Parish Council are the only Council in the District and areas of SW Herts not to have submitted an increase. 

    The following SPC policies were circulated prior to the meeting and were reviewed for adoption with no amendments: Equal Opportunities; Marking the Death of a Significant National Figure; Asset Management; Correspondence; Memorial Benches and Trees; Signs and Posters; and Filming on Parish Land. These policies are now available to view on the SPC website:


    The TRDC consultation on proposed sites for development under its new Local Plan is expected between May and July and this will be subject to a six-week period for review. Given the local elections are at the beginning of May it’s possible this may not be published until mid-May at the earliest.

    Planning Applications 

    SPC had no objection to the following planning applications:

    • 31 Church Lane, Sarratt, WD3 6HN. Application No: 21/0626/FUL - Demolition of existing conservatory and construction of single storey rear extension.
    • Old House Farm, Old House Lane. Application No: 21/0595/FUL - Extension to existing garage and conversion into habitable accommodation.
    • Sarratt Church Of England School, The Green, Sarratt, WD3 6AS. Application No: 21/0567/FUL - Replacement of existing low level white timber entrance gates and fencing with 1.8m high white timber. No objection. Although it is requested that the redesigned high security school gates and entrance must allow adequate room for large delivery vehicles (e.g. Brakes Food Supplies) such that they can enter without damaging The Green.
    • Great Wheelers, The Green, Sarratt, WD3 6BJ. Application No: 21/0541/FUL - Replacement outbuilding. No objection, on condition the outbuilding is not residential and remains ancillary to the main dwelling.
    • The Jays, Fir Tree Hill, Chandlers Cross, WD3 4LY. Application No: 21/0512/FUL - Removal of existing conservatory and construction of single storey rear extension and front dormer.
    • Hunterswood House, Penmans Green, Sarratt, WD4 9AY. Application No: 21/0427/FUL - Construction of a detached outbuilding for use as a home gym. No objection on condition the outbuilding is not residential and remains ancillary to the main dwelling.
    • Little Paddock, Little Windmill Hill, Chipperfield, WD4 9DG. Application No: 21/0797/FUL - Single storey side garage extension to main house, raised patio to rear and single storey pool outbuilding with associated patio.

    SPC noted the following permitted development applications:

    • 30 Church Lane, Sarratt, WD3 6HL. Application No: 21/0693/CLPD (Certificate of Lawfulness Proposed Development) - Single storey rear extension.
    • 30 Church Lane, Sarratt, WD3 6HL. Application No: 21/0655/PDE (Prior Approval) - Single storey rear extension (depth 6 metres, maximum height 3.25 metres, maximum eaves height 3 metres).
    • 28 Church Lane, Sarratt, WD3 6HL. Application No: 21/0609/CLPD - Single storey rear extension.
    • 28 Church Lane, Sarratt, WD3 6HL. Application No: 21/0601/PDE - Single storey rear extension (depth 6 metres, maximum height 3.25 metres, maximum eaves height 3 metres).
    • Holly Hedges Farm, Olleberrie Lane, Belsize, WD3 4NU. Application No: 21/0650/PDE - Single storey rear extension (depth 6.6 metres, maximum height 4 metres, maximum eaves height 2.5 metres).
    • Redheath Farm Bungalow, Finches Avenue, Redheath, WD3 4LN. Application No: 21/0572/PDNA (Prior Notification Agriculture) - Construction of agricultural building to be used predominantly for the storage of hay.
    • Hunterswood House, Penmans Green, Sarratt, WD4 9AY. Application No: 21/0430/CLPD - Construction of detached outbuilding.
    • York House School, Sarratt Road, Croxley Green, WD3 4LW. Application No: 21/0695/DIS - Discharge of Conditions 7 (Archaeology) and 15 (Lighting) pursuant to planning permission 20/1022/FUL.
    • York House School, Sarratt Road, Croxley Green, WD3 4LW. Application No: 21/0882/LBC - Replacement of sash windows to main building and restoration/implementation of original windows.
    • Brackenhurst, The Common, Chipperfield, WD4 9BZ. Application No: 21/0656/CLPD - Construction of outdoor swimming pool.

    SPC objected to the following applications:

    • Holly Hedges Farm, Olleberrie Lane, Belsize, WD3 4NU. Application No: 21/0652/CLPD - Construction of three single storey rear extensions, single storey side extension and construction of detached outbuilding to side of dwelling. 

    Objection: Overdevelopment. The Parish Council think that this combination of piecemeal applications warrants a full planning application (along with 21/0652/CLPD also submitted this month) to allow for proper and due consideration. As such, SPC respectfully request that this is called into Committee if the planning officers are minded to approve.

    • Petherick Pastures, Bucks Hill, WD4 9AE. Application No: 21/0542/FUL - Demolition of existing buildings and menage and construction of detached bungalow with associated parking, hardstanding and soft landscaping. 

    Objection, as it represents inappropriate development in the Green Belt with no special circumstances demonstrated to justify a new dwelling. SPC respectfully request that this is called into Committee if the planning officers are minded to approve.

    • The Mulberry Bush Farm, Dawes Lane, Sarratt, WD3 6BQ. Application No: 21/0507/PDF - Change of use of agricultural buildings to a flexible commercial use Class C1 hotel / holiday accommodation [subsequently amended to Class R flexible use]. 

    SPC strongly object to this application on the basis that the site, situated in an AONB, is wholly unsuited to the increase in traffic for a commercial business. We wish to point out to TRDC that the site map enclosed in the application erroneously shows a site entrance in Dawes Lane. The access in Dawes Lane has permitted access over Dawes Common for limited agricultural use only and Sarratt Parish Council will NOT permit access for any other purpose. Therefore, the only access for this proposed change of use is via Moor Lane that as a narrow single-track road is totally unsuited for the resultant increase in traffic. It should also be noted that Moor Lane is currently being assessed by HCC Highways as a potential Quiet Lane that would reinforce its unsuitability for a higher level of mixed-use traffic.

    • Grass Verge On Bragmans Lane, Sarratt. Application No: 21/0752/PDNT - Installation of a 20m monopole supporting 3 antennas, 3 equipment cabinets and ancillary development thereto including 6 RRUs and 1 GPS module. 

    Comment: Sarratt Parish Council supports the installation of a telecommunication mast in this rural area to improve mobile phone reception but object to this proposed location for a second new mast. Particularly as our research has identified the unacceptable level of danger it would create for the numerous cyclists, horse riders and groups of walkers who use the grass verge area, proposed for the installation, as a refuge from the highway and to avoid speeding traffic from both directions. The application contains numerous errors and misleading information. Bragman’s Lane is a narrow single track unclassified lane with a speed limit of 60mph (not 30 mph as claimed). The OS location map places the mast site in the centre of Belsize Village Green and conflicts with Drawings 200 and 300 that in turn show the mast in two different positions on Bragman’s Lane.  Numerous factual errors are apparent on the drawings including locating BT poles and street equipment in the wrong position and defining the Herts CC large emergency salt container on Poles Hill as a “litter bin”. We respectfully request that the applicant is asked to withdraw the application not just to correct misleading errors and given the dangers the current proposal presents, they also consider agreeing to a joint site visit with Councillors representing the District and the Parish to determine a more suitable location in the surrounding area or alternatively the application to be called into Committee if the Planning Officers are minded to approve.

    Planning Decisions

    • The Mulberry Bush Farm, Dawes Lane, Sarratt. Application No: 20/2603/FUL - Variation of Conditions 11 (Agricultural Occupation) of planning permission 17/2169/FUL to amend wording of the condition to as follows 'The occupation of the dwelling shall be limited to a person solely or mainly working, or last working, in the locality in agriculture or in forestry, or a widow or widower of such a person, and to any resident dependents'. 

    The Mulberry Bush Application to effectively remove the agricultural tie from the agricultural workers’ dwelling that the Officers were minded to approve, was called into Committee at SPC’s request. SPC were pleased to note the TRDC Planning Committee were unanimous in supporting the refusal. 

    SPC Recommendation: Objection. Decision: Refused at TRDC Planning Committee


    See also separate report from Councillor Diggins.

    • The danger from speeding traffic at peak times on Sarratt Road as previously reported to HCC Highways has been assessed by the HCC Safety Team in conjunction with York House School as up to 450 vehicle movements can take place daily into and out of the school premises. SPC has requested sight of their findings and any conclusions/proposals.   
    • Quiet Lanes - Moor Lane/ Sarratt Bottom/Dawes Lane is being assessed by HCC Highways Officers as a candidate for Quiet Lane status to improve the safety for the large number of regular users including walkers, cyclists and horse riders as well as the local residents who live there. This will link into the County Council Rights of Way Improvement Plan and be aligned to associated plans to improve traffic controls. Initially it is suggested that advisory traffic signs are erected on each of the three lanes while the outcome of the assessment for Quiet Lane status is awaited, as the necessary requirement for a Transport Restriction Order (TPO) will take time to be considered.  

    Next SPC Meeting

    SPC’s next meeting will be held at 7:30pm on Wednesday 19 May 2021 in the Main Hall of Sarratt Village Hall. Parishioners are welcome to attend, and the agenda will be published on the SPC noticeboard outside the Village Hall by Thursday 14 May, or can be obtained by emailing the Parish Office at

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